Story Of My Life

This is my story. Well i changed parts of it, as Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry and Justin aren't my best friends :(
My story is about selfharm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.


6. The Car Ride

I expected the car ride to be kinda awkward, but it wasn't that bad. Thanks to the boys. Liam and Louis were singing and dancing to the songs on the radio. Zayn was sleeping, Louis decided to take advantage of that and he drew a mustasche on his face with my eyeliner. Harry chuccled and after Louis was finished with Zayn they started teasing me. "Guys, leave me alone." I said a bit annoyed. "Look who's grumpy" Louis said. "Awww poor baby!" Harry started. I burried my face in Justins chest. I sniffed his scent and sighted. "Princess, we will figure everything out, don't you worry." he whispered in my ear and his soft lips placed a warm kiss in my neck, under my ear. His hands took my head and turned it to his. His beautiful brown eyes looked at me. "You're my princess and I will do anything to help you. But don't you worry now. Are you gonna let Harry and Louis tease you, or are you gonna get them back? he whispered. His lips were so close to mine as he spoke. I wanted to kiss him so bad. All I did was beiing annyoing, how did he deserve a girl like me? why? why would he still love me? why did he ever love me? so many questions were rushing trough my mind. "I know, tank you handsome" I whispered back and my words were followed by my actions. His lips came closer to mine and his eyes started to spark even more. I felt his lips on mine, I kissed him back and opened my lips a little. He directly took advantage of that and started biting my lip. My lips were trying to kiss hem as he was busy with my lips. "Yuck, I'm gonna vomit!" Louis said. "I thought you were going to kiss me...." Harry responded woth a little dissapointment in his voice. I left Justins lips and turned around. "You're jealous Louis?" I asked as I moved slowley to him, I sat down next to him. My hand was placed on his lap and my eyes  were staring at his. "No, I don't want Harry to eat my lower lip." he said meanly." "Hmm and do you want Justin or me to bite your lip then?" "Errmm..." he started to blush a little. "No, 'cause I'm way to sexy for Justin... and... ermm.... I'm way to sexy for you as well!" he said with a proud face. "You are gonna pay for that Tomlinson!!" I started tickeling him, the one thing he couldn't have. Harry started to join me and Louis got all red. "Stop it guys" he yelled. "What's the magic word Lou?" I asked, still tickling him. Liam and Niall saw us teasing Louis and joined us. Louis snacked to breath from laughter. "Now!" Louis yelled. Niall started tickling me and i shouted from laughter. "Stop it Niall!!" I laughed. "What is the magic word, princess??" Justin said teasing me. "For Christs sake..." I said. All the boys started attacking me now. "Harry I have your foot in my nose.." Liam said laughing. "Sorry" Harry said still tickling me. "...Please..." I finally managed to say. "Good girl" Louis said. 
"...Hey there pretty brown eyes, whatcha doin' later toningt..." the radio was still on. "Would you mind if I spend time with you..." we all sung along to the radio. I was still laying down on the seats when Justin grabbed my upperarm and pulled me up. I bit my underlip controling my pain and forcing myself not to yell. It hurted so much... well, that was what I wanted, right? "Whaah guys, hush, I am trying to sleep." Zayn said with a grumpy and sleepy voice. We all started lauging. "C'mon darling, its 3 pm" Liam said and started dancing on Music of the sun, by Rihanna which was on the radio. "May I have this dance, sleeping beauty." He said while swinging around on his seat. "Guys slow down, we are at Mc Donalds now. Behave!" Cody said while parking the car.

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