Story Of My Life

This is my story. Well i changed parts of it, as Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry and Justin aren't my best friends :(
My story is about selfharm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.


2. Breakfast

Jusin and I walked into the living room. "Ooehh!!" I saw Niall and Harry both teasing us. "I've heard you guys just kissed." Niall said. "Yeah, he's my boyfriend, remember?" "Goodmorning beautiful!" It was Liam, walking into the room and kissed me on my cheek. "Morning prince Charming." I replied. Me and the guys have been really close since we have met. "Are we gonna eat, now Liam is back?" "Yeah, Niall" Zayn said.

We just finished breakfast and were messing around a bit, when Mike walked in. "Hey guys, you have to do an interview today, kiss FM called 5 minutes ago. They want you guys in today's show." "Yaaay!" Louis is the one who enjoys the interviews the most. "We will be leaving in 25 minutes. Oh and Justin, you have to come with us as well." "Oh, all right." He said.

Everyone started changing and combing their hair. Harry and I did the dishes and lied down on the sofa, waiting for the other guys. He started drawing circles on my belly. "Did you loose weight?" He asked. "No, why?" "Because your body feels skinny." There was an awkward silence when Justin walked in and kissed my forhead. "Guys, we have to go!" Liam shouted. We all grabbed your jackets and when everyone finay left the house, I went to the toilet. I could here Mike shouting: "Rose, hurry, we're waiting for you!" I threw some paper in the toilet, drunk a glass of water and placed my finger in my mouth. I threw up, drunk another glass of water and flushed the toilet. I opened the door and grabbed some chewing gum from the closet in the hallway.
I jumped in the van. "Sorry guys, I had to go to the bathroom." "But you wear dipers!" Louis always likes to tease me. "No, I only wear them when I'm sleeping. I'm already seventeen!" I joked.

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