The Third Quarter Quell

(C)(This is a twist to Catching Fire) The Capitol decides to teach the citizens of Panem two lessons this year. This years Quarter Quell,one pair of tributes,or just one lone tribute,will be allowed to win. Cato and Clove are sure it will be them, but will it?


2. Chater 2

"Up." Cato nudges me awake.

"What?" I roll over to face him.

"Wake up."


"We're going hunting."

"Fine." I sigh and get up."It's still dark."

"Head start. Only seven people left. I suspect a Feast when it get's to six." Cato shrugs and stands up.

"Let's go. We'll eat later." I grab my backpack and start walking, Cato following. Suddenly, my vision is blurred. I wipe my face and see blood.Blood rain. It has drenched me. My face and body is covered in blood and I can't see where I'm going."Cato?"

"What the hell is this?" He questions, grabbing my hand. My first instinct is to pull away, so I do."Chill out. It's just so we won't get separated."

"Fine." I give him my hand and we run trying to get to the beach."I can't see,Cato!"

"Neither can I!" He shouted back. 

It took us a good five minutes to reach the beach.I was the first to jump into the water.I got all the blood out of my eyes and sighed. Cato got the blood off of him and looked over to him."What a pleasant surprise that was." I say in a Capitol accent.

"Just magnificent." He laughs in his Capitol accent.

"Let's hunt." I smile and we walk into the jungle again.After about an hour of nothing, I turn to Cato."Let's split up. If we don't find each other by nightfall, we'll meet at the beach."

He kissed me and smiled."Alright."

He turned and began walking away."What was that?" I shouted.

He turned to me and shrugged."Are you saying you didn't enjoy it?"

I stood frozen."No, but we don't really do that."

Cato chuckled."We have done that plenty of times."

"Just go."

He winks and leaves. Now, I'm on my own.I begin walking the opposite way of Cato. As I'm walking, I hear birds chirp in the tree.I don't let my self get sidetracked by thinking about Cato or how I am on my own where anyone could kill me.The last time I was on my own in the Games, I nearly died. Thankfully Cato was close enough for him to hear my cries for help.

I continue walking, finding nothing. Not even an animal. I suddenly hear what sounds like Cato. It's faint. I hear my name. It's closer. I process it and realize it's Cato."Cato!" I shout and run to where he was going."Cato!" I shout over and over. I hear a cannon and I pause for a short second before sprinting.

I run into something and nearly fall back. I am balanced when two arms wrap around me."Clove, I thought you died." Cato said out of breathe.

"I thought you died too." I replied, breathing heavily from running a long distance. I wrapped my arms him and buried my head in his chest.


"I won't fall for that again." I mumbled into his chest. I pulled away and looked him in the eye.I leaned in and kissed him. It felt like the right thing to do.

"What was that?" He asked after I pulled away.

"Are you saying you didn't enjoy it?" I mock him.

"Let's go." He laughs and we walk down to the beach.

"Hello, tributes! Congrats on making it into the final seven! There will be a Feast tonight. Since you all need a piece of information desperately. We are kind enough to provide it for you. It will take place at promptly six. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor." Claudius Templesmith blares out over the arena.

Cato and I look at each other confused.We don't need a piece of information."What information do we need?" I ask.

"Um, well, I got nothing." He shrugged."Let's eat and wait for someone to come out."

Cato and I sit, eat, and wait. The Feast pops up out of the ground in front of the Cornucopia. Katniss runs out, bow in hand. I smirk and Cato gives me a nod of approval. I get up and run to Cornucopia, just like her. Cato follows, but stays back a little ways, not letting Peeta know he is there.

Katniss doesn't see me. When she grabs her bag, I punch her in the face. She drops her bow and I throw it in the water along with the arrows."Now what, Twelve?" I tease her.

She holds her jaw and I kick her in the side. She pushes me away and I fall onto the rocks.  I feel a sharp pain in my back, but stand right back up.I run toward her and she punches me in the face. It doesn't hurt, but it slows me down. She tries to run. I regain my focus and tackle her. She falls and her head bleeds from the fall.

I put her in a hold that is nearly impossible to get free of. Only Cato can get free of. "Where's your boyfriend, District Twelve?" I say, picturing Cato laughing.

"He's out there now. Hunting Cato. Peeta!" She replies.

I slam my fist onto her windpipe,cutting off her voice."Liar." I grin."He'd be helping you by now if he was. I thought he loved you. If he does, where is he? Just going to let his girlfriend die? Wait, you two are married, huh? And that baby. It's to bad that you'll both have to die. What's in the pretty little bag? A piece of information? Does it state you are doing a good acting job?" I open up my jacket and look at my impressive arrangement of knives. I pick a nice cruel, curved blade.

"I promised Cato if he let me have you,I'd give the audience a good show." She struggles to get free of my hold."Forget it, District Twelve. Didn't you have an ally in your Games? Rue?If I recall, she was killed by a District Two Career. First, Rue, now you, and I think the heartache will take care of Lover Boy. Now, where to start?"

I survey her head."I think we'll start with your lips. Yes, I don't think you'll have much use for those anymore. Want to blow Lover Boy one last kiss?" She spits blood onto my face. My body fills with rage."All right then. Let's get started."

I start to saw her at her lips, but am pulled back by someone. I hit the ground hard and a body hovers over me.

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