The Third Quarter Quell

(C)(This is a twist to Catching Fire) The Capitol decides to teach the citizens of Panem two lessons this year. This years Quarter Quell,one pair of tributes,or just one lone tribute,will be allowed to win. Cato and Clove are sure it will be them, but will it?


4. Chapter 4

Suddenly, I feel my limbs again. I am able to push my self up. I see Johanna and Finnick. Then Katniss and Peeta. I stumble as I try to walk. I hear Cato shouting, but nothing is registering in my brain. I try to talk, but I can't. I just stand there. Lost.

"Clove, run." Cato grabs my arm and takes off, pulling my with him.

I run, not very smoothly, but I do. Everything is still a bit of a blur. I can understand words, but just can't speak. I know where I am. I know I'm in the Hunger Games with Cato, yet it's like something in me doesn't. Is it a relapse of my major head injury? No, I'm running. I couldn't run last time.  What is going on?

Suddenly Cato stops and I jerk forward. His arm pulls me back. He faces me toward and looks at me."Clove, wake up. Do you know where you are?" I don't respond. Well, I can't. "Clove! Look at me. You're in the Hunger Games! You like to kill people.You can be a smart-ass, and a bitch sometimes."

Suddenly, it all comes back.I move my hand up toward my face. I hold a bloody knife. I shake my head and say," Excuse me? I may have be brain dead there, but I still remember how to use a knife." I roll my eyes at him.

"Your welcome."

"For what? Calling me a bitch?"

"For saving your life."

I just rolled my eyes. We usually don't thank each other for that anymore. I looked down and saw the bloody knife again. Must be Peeta's blood.Then I see blood on me. It's dripping from my left shoulder."Cato, what happened to me?"

"Finnick stabbed you with your own knife. You were paralyzed for a short time. They have some kind of shot or something. Gave it to me too.Is your shoulder okay?" 

"Yeah, it's my left. I can still throw. We don't have any medicine, though we should. It's pretty bad out here. If it rains blood again I might get an infection. Maybe they can send us some."

"You did this last year too. Don't rely on them Clove. They put you in an arena twice. They want to see you die and you're relying on them."

"What other option do we have? Die in here. I want to go home, Cato. You can either rely on them a little bit and go home with me, or you can die in here without me." I say walking away from him. Why won't he ever take help? It annoys me.

I found a rock and sat down on it. Cato came and sat down next to me. He handed me a bag. I opened it and there was a large piece of paper in it. I looked at him raising an eyebrow. It read-

Dear Cato and Clove,

Congrats on making it this far. You've done so well in both of your games. Now we hope you will never have to go back in. See, we are taking you, along with the other tributes, out of the arena. You are the last to know. It would be nice if you could please remove your trackers. Stitches and bandages are inside. Go to the Cornucopia right after. Stay together if you want to be taken to the same place. Please, do not harm anyone. We are trying to save you.


Plutarch Heavensbee 


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