The Third Quarter Quell

(C)(This is a twist to Catching Fire) The Capitol decides to teach the citizens of Panem two lessons this year. This years Quarter Quell,one pair of tributes,or just one lone tribute,will be allowed to win. Cato and Clove are sure it will be them, but will it?


3. Chapter 3

I look up and see Lover Boy. He has a sword raised above his head and is about to come down on me. I think to myself,"You've been trained for this. He has not. Move to the side when he comes down and pull out a knife."

He brings the sword down and I roll to the right. I hear Cato, who probably got delayed somehow. Lover Boy tries to stab at me again. I roll again. As I roll, I pull out a knife. I spot a torn place on Lover Boy's leg. There is blood. "Blood! He's hurt! Stab him there.", I say to myself.

Before he can react, I slam the knife into his upper left thigh, the same spot as he was bleeding. I don't have time to pull it out as he clenches it. He pulls the knife out and throws it at me. By now I have regained my balance and am up. I deflect the knife with another knife. It bounces at his feet.

"Now what?" I tilt my head.

"You bought a small knife to a sword fight." He laughs.

"No, I brought many knives." I say bringing one knife down on the sword and with my other hand I grab a knife from my stash. I try plunging it into his abdomen, but he dodges it.

"Clove!" Cato shouts."Katniss is behind you. I'll get Johanna and Finnick."

I nod and quickly go down, making sure to extend my leg,as I hear Katniss load her bow. With my extended leg, I leg sweep Lover Boy. He hits his head hard on the rock. That should take care of him. For now at least.

"Okay. Just me and her. She can shoot. Be careful of that." I think to myself.

"Well." Katniss says. 

We stand across from each other. Her arrow aimed at my chest, my knife at hers." Good to get a proper conversation in before I kill you." I laugh.

"I tend to think it's good to know my enemies."

"Keep friends close, enemies closer, right?" I smirk. She nods. As she nods I throw my knife and knock the arrow from her bow. I approach before she can put another one in. I knock the bow from her.

"You're so small." She laughs.

"And you're so fake. Now, are we done with the little girl name calling? Can we fight like warriors, not like your little sister? Is that to much to ask?" I roll my eyes as my knife is held to her throat.

I go to push it into her when something pushed against my neck. An ax...It's Johanna. I was worried this would happen.

"So, Clove. We finally caught you. Looks like we caught the amazing Cato too." She laughs.

I look to where Peeta was. He's gone. Where's Cato? They don't have him, do they? Did they kill him? As all this goes through my head, I feel something poke my neck. I instantly fall to the ground. I tr to get up, but I can't. My muscles aren't letting me. It's like I'm paralyzed. I can't be, I'm holding on to my knife.

"She's a strong one. She didn't let go of her knife." Johanna says over me.

"And I won't. Whatever you did to me, I'm sure it won't last forever. If it doesn't all of you are dead!" I shouted.

"We have a fierce one here. District Two trains them good.You know what it's like to see both of you so weak. You both are such strong people. Never show emotion of any type. Last year game's you got stung by Tracker Jackers, burnt by wildfire, chased by dogs. A rock even came down on your head, right sweetheart?" Finnick says petting my head.

"They will just get in trouble, don't you think? We should just do them a favor and kill them." Johanna says.

"No, it wasn't the plan." Katniss says.

"Plan? What plan? Clove, can you move?" Cato shouts.

"No, can you?" I shout back.

"I have feeling in my hands."

"Finnick, what is the plan?"

"We can't tell you, beautiful." He smiles.

"Call me that again and I'll cut open your throat and pull out your vocal chords."

"Fierce, I like that."

"Where is Annie? Did you fail to protect her?"

"No, but one person failed to protect someone. If I recall, it was Cato who promised you he would protect you and never let any of us touch you. I overheard that one night. Guess he failed."

"He didn't fail yet. I'm still alive. And you should be tending to your crazy girlfriend. It's your fault she's like that! If you would have been a good little  puppet she wouldn't be like that."

"You're just as bad. You and your ways of leaving weapons in children's dead bodies as a present for their families? Slitting throats and watching them suffocate in their own blood? So easily killing old and young people! Were you trained to win or to be heartless?"

"Shut the hell up. You're just jealous that you still cry every night since your games." Cato chimed in.

"Now you want to start? . Peeta and Katniss turn Cato this way. He's going to watch his failure."

I watched them move Cato to face me. Johanna inject something else into me. I felt calm and relaxed. In a blink of an eye, Finnick stabbed me with my own knife in the  left shoulder.

"Clove!" Cato shouted.

"See, you failed. You promised to keep her alive and look! You let her get stabbed" Finnick shouted.

Johanna held me down as I watched Finnick walk back toward me to finish the job. I looked at Cato as his face turned bright red. I closed my eyes as I couldn't watch. I didn't want to see Cato when I got stabbed with Finnick's trident. I didn't want to see his reaction. I don't want to die remembering him shocked at my death.

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