Zerona is an orphan. She's completely different from everyone else. She looks completely different from everyone, she thinks differently from everyone, and she ignores everyone. After primary school, she enters the military, so she could go to other places and explore, but mainly so she can find out where she belongs. But entering the military is hard especially for a girl.

All of the names in this story are created by me, so i wouldn't mix their personalities with characters or people that i know. (Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!) >-<

By the way please excuse me for any spelling or grammar mistakes.


1. Prologue

   Everywhere is red, dark red, nearly black. Don't know which way is up or down. Don't know where the clouds and stars are hanging. Don't know is this real or fake, but I do know two things. This place is deserted. This place is really sad.



  I heard the distance sounds, some were far away, some were just behind a wall. I felt the smooth and warm sheets and the sunlight gently shining on my face. I opened my eyes and found myself lying on a luscious room. This peaceful scenery was completely different from the world before. I hoped that was just a nightmare.



  But life and fate never ever go as you want, like time slipping past, even you don't want to, nor can you control them like a pencil on a piece of blank paper, writing down them down as you want.

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