Zerona is an orphan. She's completely different from everyone else. She looks completely different from everyone, she thinks differently from everyone, and she ignores everyone. After primary school, she enters the military, so she could go to other places and explore, but mainly so she can find out where she belongs. But entering the military is hard especially for a girl.

All of the names in this story are created by me, so i wouldn't mix their personalities with characters or people that i know. (Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!) >-<

By the way please excuse me for any spelling or grammar mistakes.


2. Chapter 1

"Zerona." Zakato shouted down the stair case. "Are you really planning to join the military?" Zerona nodded her head and pushed open the entrance door to the ground floor. "Wait!" Zakato jumped from the second floor to the ground floor, making a ear-piecing sound as his feet crashed on to the marble floor. "But you ARE a girl, don't be silly why the hell would my father's subordinates let you enter."

"It's not like you are deciding." Zerona replied curtly as she matched down the white hall.

"Well your future would be much better if you just do what normal girls do. Entering a normal secondary school, get marry later to a random man , instead of...."

"Dyeing your hands in blood." Zerona interrupted and finished his sentence."You know what, young master Evolglia," Zerona continued, looking straight into Zakato's sky blue eyes,"I need to thank you for letting me have this opportunity to hear one of the head of military director's son to say this. If I didn't understand your sentence wrong, you DO NOT want to go through the  military's long and annoying training program, and end up doing what your brothers did. So why don't you just tell your father you DO NOT wish to enter the military."

Zakato immediately boomed in anger, " This is an insult to the family Evolglia."

Zerona quickly bowed her head,"then I am really sorry for the insult young master Evolglia, so please do excuse me." She matched out of the building, but the wrath within them was still growing after they part. 

Zerona knew him well enough, especially his personalities. He's the head of military's son. He had tons of other siblings in his family, and he's very intelligent and handsome, and of course love to flirt and show off. All the girls on this planet would love to marry him, except Zerona. She hated him, he teased her from the first time she saw him, but at the same time, he was her life saver. He found her lying in a pool of blood at the foot of Metho mountains, and called the doctors from his house. 'But still,' Zerona thought,'does he need to tease me about every single little thing i have done?'

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