The Diamond Patterned Pillow.

Katie is just an average girl. Who moved into a regular house with her best friend. But what happens when her neighbors are her favorite youtubers? Will she get one of them to fall for her, or will she fall for them...


5. Charlie, Dan, and Connor. OH MY.

Katie's POV

After Jenna left I turned to Jc. "YOU KNOW JENNA MARBLES?!?" I whisper-screamed. "Yeah we've talked a couple times. Nothin big though." He said casually.

"Gosh. Who else is here?" I was looking around at the people. "Umm, well Phil and Dan are in town, so they're here. Uh Jenna, but you already know that. Jenn, Andrea, Rebecca, Joey, Sam and Trevor are also staying. Tyler and that's about it."

"All my favorite youtubers rolled into one party." Rachel said. "I know right!" I replied.

"Hey where's Kian?" I asked Jc. "I think he's in the kitchen, why?" "Because I wanted to talk to him. And thanks."

Rachel had went to look for Dan and Phil so I went to talk to Kian. Sure enough he was in the kitchen. He was also talking to Rebecca.

"Hellloooooooo Mr. Lawley!" I stood on my tippy toes and wrapped my arm around his neck. Wow. He was tall. "Have you had anything to drink?" He started laughing as soon as he said that. "Noooo I'm not in the legal age group! Duh." I thumped his head.

"Hi I'm Katie! Nice to meet you!" I said putting my hand out to shake Rebecca's. "Hi, nice to meet you, too! I'm Rebecca!" She shook my hand. "And just to say I love your song Saturday! It's really good. I also liked Friday..." "Well thanks! That's really nice of you!" She looked very smitten by my comment. "No problem!" I said.

"Hey, you didn't happen to see Connor when you came in, did you?" Kian asked me. What? "Umm no. Why would I have.. - what?" I was super confused. "Well I haven't seen him since earlier today. I think he is in his room. I'll go check." Kian said walking to the stairs to go see connor.

I walked out of the kitchen only to run in to someone. I had fallen down and as I was getting up they started helping me.

"I am so sorry! I didn't see you their!" The mystery person said. I was now completely standing. "Oh no, it was my fault!" I said. I turned around and oh my god I couldn't believe it. I had just ran into Charlie Puth. CHARLIE PUTH!!!!!!

"Oh my god. You're Charlie Puth." He laughed. "That I am!" I was still taken aback when he answered. "W-wow. You're like, THE Charlie Puth!" I stuttered. He threw his arm over my shoulder and chuckled. "I take it you like my music?" "Uhh.... YES!" I exclaimed. "I love your music!" I added. He laughed. "Well it's always nice to meet a pretty girl with a good taste in music!" Oh my. He called me pretty. Was Charlie Puth really hitting on me?!

Rachel's POV

I walked around for a bit, talking to all the different people. I went outside and that's when I saw him. The person I have been looking for the whole night. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.

"Umm Dan?" I said shyly. He turned around and looked at me confused. "Uh do I know you?" His accent flowed out of his mouth so beautifully I could faint. "No. But umm I am a, erm, a subscriber." I stated nervously. "Oh! That makes sense!" He said. "So what's your name, love?" He asked me. "Oh, umm, I'm Rachel! It such a privilege to meet you!" I told him. He took my hand and kissed it. Oh my lord, Jesus.

Kian's POV

I ran up the stairs to go find Connor. I walked up to the door of his room and knocked.

"Hey Con? You in there?" I asked through the door. "What do you want?" Yep. He was in there. "Let me in. I wanna talk." I told him. I heard shuffling around in the room and he opened the door.

"You do know we have a house full of people down there, right?" I pointed over my shoulder in the direction of the steps. "Yeah. I know." He said. "Then why don't you come out and have fun?" "Because.... Umm. I'm not really feeling well." He was making up lies to try and get rid of me. Typical Connor.

"Oh come on bro. I know you better then that." I said, walking into his room. "Well yeah. It is a little more then that." He plopped onto his bed and I followed. "Well then what is it?" I questioned.

"Well earlier today, when we met Katie and Rachel, I had, kinda, umm kissed Katie..." He said trailing off. "No way!!!" I exclaimed, jumping up from the bed. "Shhh! Yeah I did. But she got mad at me and I just don't want to face her." Connor blushed. "Well man. You can't let something like that keep you from doing something." I told him. "Yeah I know." "Then what are you waiting for!!" I half-yelled, "Let's get downstairs!"

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