The Diamond Patterned Pillow.

Katie is just an average girl. Who moved into a regular house with her best friend. But what happens when her neighbors are her favorite youtubers? Will she get one of them to fall for her, or will she fall for them...


1. character discription.


I'm not going to do a description of the guys because its just a lot of extra work. sorry, but these are the two main characters so yeah.


Katie Andrews


Hair: curly, dirty blond hair

Eyes: blue

Personality: Katie is a very nice person when she wants to be, but she also has a mean streak and a history of putting people in the hospital. She is very tough but can be loving when it's needed. She also has a great sense of humor and wants to make a joke of every situation.

Rachel Quinn

Hair: wavy, dyed red hair

Eyes: brown

Personality: Rachel is a very sweet person but she also has a little mean in her. She will stand up for anyone she loves and has a heart of gold. She too has a great sense of humor and with Katie by her side they are always laughing and causing trouble.





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