The Diamond Patterned Pillow.

Katie is just an average girl. Who moved into a regular house with her best friend. But what happens when her neighbors are her favorite youtubers? Will she get one of them to fall for her, or will she fall for them...



Okay so I haven't written in a while and honestly it's because I haven't had the drive to! I am really sorry! I will try to have a new chapter out by the end of this weekend on one condition! I want to get more reads and I want at least 5 new comments and 10 likes! If we could do that it would be great! Plus I am think I might add some girlfriends for the boys! If you want to be a girlfriend or be in the story in any other way you can comment which boy you want and stuff like that! But like always love you guys so much and I'll talk to you later! Xx ~Emma <33

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