The Overpowering of Minds

This is my poem that I just randomly wrote within a few minutes. It's about my mind and how it does what it wants pretty much, I get distracted a lot and can NEVER focus really, turns out I just focused kinda to write this! But yeah, I got off topic instead of doing my school work and decided to write a poem! Hope you enjoy. :) x


1. The Overpowering of Minds

You'd hate to be inside my mind, 

a million thoughts, a million times.

Negativity filling the space, of what's left inside.

Nightmares, and Nightmare Daydreams.

A scene playing in my mind of something that could happen,

or couldn't happen.

Now I focus on my priorities, but other topics come in hand.

They seem important at the moment, but they really aren't.

But let's think about them shall we?

My eyes blink like a shutter on a camera, every few seconds. Thinking.

I look around at my house while I'm seated, searching for something else to entertain me.

Music distracts me, but music captures me.

Music captures me in a genuine manner, but at times a bad moment.

In specific, when I am supposed to be focusing on my work.

But focus... I've heard many people speak of it, yet I don't use it very often.

What is this focus you speak of?








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