It's Just A Game. [Larry Fanfic]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson completely shipped 'Larry Stylinson.' They would purposefully flirt and cuddle and look cute for their fans, because they loved making their fans happy. It was just a game to them. They always tried to see who could push each other the farthest, who could act the cutest and most loving. Though then came a fateful day when they were doing a concert and a fan girl asked them to do the unthinkable for her birthday - to kiss. Will this kiss take a toll on one of them? Is it just a game between them any more - or has this game turned into real life?"


10. Louis.


15 Years Later

"Daddy! Daddy!"

"Your son wants you," Harry said sleepily.

"I think he wants you," I told him.

"Daddy! Papa!"

"I guess he wants both of us."

"Daddy! Papa!"

"Oh, our daughter wants us, too."

He sat up and put on his shirt, me doing the same. We walked down the hall to the kids' room. "Abby, Lyle, what're you two doing up so early?" he asked, picking Abby up.

"We wanna play," she said.

I picked Lyle up. "Play what?"

"Band!" they cheered.

"Oh you do? Do you want to dear?" I asked Harry.

"I suppose. Who wants to be Niall?" Harry asked, already knowing.

"Me!" Lyle chirped.

"Alright. Do you want to be Liam again?" I asked Abby.

"No. I wanna be Papa."

"Me?" I asked. "Alright. I'll be Daddy. Daddy can be Liam, and Rocko can be Zayn." Our dog Rocko barked at hearing his name.

We set the kids down and I grabbed the guitar in the corner.

"I've tried playin' it cool," Harry sang. "But when I'm lookin' at you, I can't ever be bra-ve cause you've got - that one thing."

"Shot me out of the sky,"
 I sang. "You're my Kryptonite. You keep making me weak. Yeah, frozen and can't breathe. Sing Rocko!"

He started to howl as he was trained to do, to sing Zayn's part.

Then we all sang. "So get out, get out, get out of my head and fall into my arms instead. I don't, I don't, don't know what it is, but I need that one thing, and you've got that one thing."

I smiled at Harry as we kept singing, thinking that playing games, whether with each other or the kids, would never end with us, but that was definitely not a bad thing. Life's just a game anyway, one that's best played with someone you love.



Well that's it folks! Hope you liked the ending :D 

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