It's Just A Game. [Larry Fanfic]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson completely shipped 'Larry Stylinson.' They would purposefully flirt and cuddle and look cute for their fans, because they loved making their fans happy. It was just a game to them. They always tried to see who could push each other the farthest, who could act the cutest and most loving. Though then came a fateful day when they were doing a concert and a fan girl asked them to do the unthinkable for her birthday - to kiss. Will this kiss take a toll on one of them? Is it just a game between them any more - or has this game turned into real life?"


5. Louis.


"Yeah. I thought we might try something new. I'm not too familiar with them, so maybe you could beat me."

"Well I actually have played checkers quite often Louis, so that maybe is a definitely."

"I'll come around. Now come on. Let's start this new game."

I woke up the next morning and saw Harry, sleeping next to me, mouth open and drool spilling out. Not all gorgeous people slept gracefully. I know I didn't, but I don't think I'm exactly gorgeous. I replayed the conversation my mother and I had last night in my head, the words that kept racking through my brain all night.

"Oh, Louis Gooey, when was the last time you got laid?" she had asked me.

"Mum," I had groaned. I knew she would force the answer out of me. "Like, a year ago, maybe two. It was with Eleanor but it was one reason why I'm confused today."

"That bad huh?"


"Okay, okay. Sweetie, sexuality is not that big of a deal. You're at college age. That's when I made out with girls in my younger days at the university."

"Mum, I do not want to know about that. You were probably drunk most of the time in university."

"Just because that's mostly true doesn't mean you're allowed to say that. Anyway, don't fret sweetie. Go balls out."

I smiled, because it sunk in. Just do it already, I told myself, and so I did. I made a move on Harry. Though I didn't want to say, "I'm gay!" to him and then end up not being that attracted to him at all. So I started a new game. We were going to ship Larry to the max. Hell, we could be in a fake Larry relationship for all I care.

So I went home and had a little argument with Harry that we quickly got over. The next morning, though, I proposed my idea to him. I was sitting at the table as he cooked breakfast, which is very husband and wife like.

"Harry?" I asked.

"Yeah?" he replied, not looking at me.

"You know how I said I didn't want to ship Larry or play that game anymore?"


"Well, I don't mind if we still do."


"Yeah. It's fun anyway."

He smiled. "Yeah, it was fun. We should definitely continue playing it."

"But - if we're going to play this game, it should be a real game, as in there's a prize at the very end."

"How do we know when the end is?" he asked, looking at me.

"I think we'll both know when to call it quits, Harry," I said.

"What would the prize be?"

"I don't know. Whatever we want at that time."

"Deal. I'm going to beat you, too."

"I doubt it."

He had no idea what he was in for, but we both knew whoever went farthest into our relationship - would win. Hopefully, I wouldn't hurt him in the end. That was the only thing I was worried about, but I was almost afraid he'd end up rejecting me if this whole thing worked out. Though he said if I was gay he'd date me. So there's always that. Since we were on break until the new recording of our album, we'd have plenty of time to play this game. I had no idea what I wanted, but I suppose that's a part of life. To figure out what you want, and to do that you have to explore and experiment.



I smiled over at him. "I feel like we don't talk to the fans enough."

"I concur."

We then later had a webchat with our followers. We propped the camera up and sat on the bed. "Hello," we greeted to the viewers. "Nice to talk to all of you today," I said.

"Very nice," Harry said. He looked at me. "What should we talk about?"

"I don't know. We can tell them anything and everything."

"Alright. Louis has been an incredible ass lately."

I nodded, because I had been. "I made him cry."

He smirked at me and faced the camera again. "But he apologized...multiple times."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Lou. Anyway, he's quite moody. He's single now as most of you know, so hopefully I can snag him before any of you."

"Oh please," I scoffed. I stared flatly at him. "You already have me." I leaned my head on his shoulder and pulled out my phone. My mum had text messaged me, saying she was on Twitter. "Oh my mum is watching us."

"She is?" Harry asked. "Hello Mum!"

"Hi Mum!"

She texted me again, saying "BALLS OUT." I smiled and put the phone down. "Did you know Harry is quite good at telling stories?"

"Nonsense. You're the one that told me that story. It was amazing actually. You could publish it, you know?"

"That story is just for you Harry."

He put a hand to his heart and smiled down at me, nodding. "Well, I'm going to tell it to the fans anyway," he said.

"The fans are an extension of us, so it's okay," I told him, his shoulder being the perfect pillow.

"Okay. How did it go? Uh, there were these two people, Huey and Barry. Huey confused Barry by adding pixie dust-"

"Fairy dust."

"-fairy dust, to his potion. Huey doesn't like fairy dust and Barry was really confused. Though Huey said Barry liked fairy dust and he thought the potion would be better with it. That's the part that made me tear up. Huey is such a good friend." He grinned at me.

"Yes, Huey is amazing isn't he?"


"Barry's pretty amazing as well."

He laughed. "It's a horrible story. I actually came up with most of it."

"Yes, it's about us," I said, since fans were asking. I looked up at him. "I kissed Harry on the cheek and he didn't know why I would do such a thing, but aren't his cheeks just so kissable?" I sat up and pinched his cheeks. "Perfect for a pair of lips. Don't you think?" I asked to the camera. "Of course they are. Look at these chubby-wubby little things." I kissed his cheek and then said. "Now make me a sandwich."

"Later you animal."

"Now." I looked at the camera. "I'm sorry. I have to steal him for a little bit."

"That sounds sexual," he mumbled like a little school boy.

"Maybe it is! Bye lovelies!"


I turned off the camera and said, "You'll never beat me in anything, Harry."

"Just you wait, Louis. I'll win this thing."

I smiled. Well Harry, I think I just might want you to win. Or, I don't want this game to ever end.

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