It's Just A Game. [Larry Fanfic]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson completely shipped 'Larry Stylinson.' They would purposefully flirt and cuddle and look cute for their fans, because they loved making their fans happy. It was just a game to them. They always tried to see who could push each other the farthest, who could act the cutest and most loving. Though then came a fateful day when they were doing a concert and a fan girl asked them to do the unthinkable for her birthday - to kiss. Will this kiss take a toll on one of them? Is it just a game between them any more - or has this game turned into real life?"


4. Harry.

"Louis? What're you doing?"

"Hm? Oh, Liam thought he could beat me at chess," he replied.

"Oh, I see." Chess was our game. Only Louis and I played it together. Or so I thought.

I walked through the grocery store aisles and looked for some condensed milk. Yesterday sucked. Louis and I hardly fought, and we fought twice within the same week. It was bad, but we were over it. I smiled as I heard "More Than This" come on the radio in the store. It was probably my favorite song.

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight - it just won't feel right, cause I can love you more than this. Y-eah." It was just a good song. I smiled bigger as Louis's solo came on. My smile faltered as I remembered the way he held me last night. All these gay remarks just got me imagining life as though Louis was gay. I kept picturing us in a relationship...but if he was gay, would he even be with me? If he was with a girl then I would understand. He's straight, that's why he's not with me. Though if he was gay and was with another guy, then that would seriously hurt. It would mean he didn't like me in that way, that there was a flaw about me.

I grabbed the rest of my groceries quickly and checked out. I went home and put the groceries away.

"What did you get me?" Louis asked, entering.

"Absolutely nothing," I replied. "Hey Lou?"

"Yeah?" He grabbed a spoon and took a pudding out of my hand.

"If you were gay, would you date me?"


"Would you?"

He looked into his pudding cup. "Well, I don't know. Would you want to date me?"

"Of course. You're my best mate, but since you're not gay I can't see you in that way. If you were, then yeah."

"Well, yeah I guess I would. You're my best friend. It'd be easier than having to find the perfect girl if I was gay or if you were a girl." He sighed. "It'd be a hell of a lot easier."

I smiled. Damn. Heaven forbid he can be gay.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I dunno. I just didn't think you would. I mean, if you were gay and you didn't want to date me then I'd be devastated."

"Well, don't worry. I'd date you."

"Good." I smiled at him, but he was looking off. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He threw the pudding cup away and said, "I'm gonna go shower and then I plan on going to see my mum alright?"

"Alright. When will you be back?"

"Later at night, around eight."

"Okay. No later."

He went upstairs and bathed as I cooked myself some tamales. He came back downstairs in just a towel and I avoided looking at his muscular body. "What should I wear?" I asked.

"It's your mum, does it matter?"

"You've met my mum. If I look like trash she'll ask why I couldn't get all dolled up to see her."

I smirked. That's his mum alright. "I don't know. You have the best fashion sense. You'll find something."

He took a soda from the fridge and then went back upstairs, whistling. He came back down in his spiffy outfit, looking incredible as usual. "I'll see you later," he said - and then he kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door. He kissed me on the cheek. He. Kissed. Me. Why the hell would he do that?

I ran to my bedroom and called my sister.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Gemma! Oh my God, I am flipping out."

"What's wrong?"

"Louis kissed me!"

"Yeah, there are pictures all over th internet. That happened a while ago, Harry."

"No, he kissed me on the cheek - without anyone asking him to or anything. It was his choice."


"And what does that mean?"

"I don't know. He thinks your cheeks are kissable."

"Do you think he's Or bi I guess?"

"Maybe. Why don't you ask him?"

"I can't ask him that."

"Yes you can. It's best to talk about things, Harry."

I though about how I asked him if he would date me. I guess I could ask him about the kiss. "Okay."


"Yeah, alright. Thanks Gem."

"Sure thing. Bye."


I hung up and sat on the bed. I closed my eyes and remembered how he kissed me at the concert. His lips were so smooth and so pink, and I loved that he kissed me, instead of me kissing him. I just like to have someone else take control. I reached over and grabbed my laptop. I went to Youtube and looked at a Larry Stylinson video. I smiled stupidly to myself as I watched it. I mean...the way he looks at me in those videos. It gets my heart racing. Ugh, I wish he was gay. I ended up falling asleep, but I woke up once I heard a car door shut. I shot out of bed and ran downstairs nearly tripping. Louis came in through the door and I shouted, "Louis!" while jumping into his arms.

He laughed and held me up. "Hi Harry," he greeted. He let go but I still held onto him. "Harry," he laughed.

I dropped to the floor and sighed. "Missed you."

"I wasn't gone for that long."

"You were gone for, like, four hours, Louis. That's a long time."

He smiled and shook his head. "I'm tired."

"I'm not. I just took a nap."

"Well you can stay up telling me a story all night then."

"Okay!" I grabbed his arm and pulled him upstairs. "Will you stay in here tonight?"

"It seems I have to."

"Of course. Now, what story should I tell you?"

"Can I change first?"

I groaned. "Go ahead."

He got up and went into his other room. We both changed and then lied down on the bed again. "Okay. Continue."

"Well, once upon a time there was this boy named...Huey. He was a very mischievous boy who liked to confuse his friend...Barry." He smiled up at me. "Barry was in their cabin cooking some potion up when Huey came in and...added fairy dust to the potion. This confused Barry because fairy dust was not normal, and Huey didn't like fairy dust anyway. So when Huey went away to see the wizard Barry sat by, pondering why Huey used fairy dust. Do you know why Huey used fairy dust?"

Louis looked at me quizzically. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Why did you kiss me?"

"Because a fan asked."

"No, tonight. You kissed me on the cheek."


"Well why would you do that?"

"Because I wanted to."

"But...why? Friends don't kiss friends Louis."

"Why not? We're unconventional friends Harry. Do you not want me to kiss you?"

"No, just confused me."

"Why?" he asked sitting up, and I think he knew why. "Don't tell me you think I'm gay, Harry."

"Well what if I do?" I mumbled.

"Harry! God, I told you how that was annoying having everyone think I was gay. If you of all people think that then everyone would think that and..." He was pissed.

"I can't help it, Louis. I have some tendencies..."

"Unbelievable." He stood up to go.

"Wait, Louis, stay. I'm sorry. It's not just you. It's me, too."

"What're you talking about?"

"I...I'm just getting ahead of myself. I want you to be gay Louis! Is that so bad? Life would be easy and perfect if you were. I know you're not so I'm not waiting for the day you come out. I'm simply being stupid and fooling myself."

He frowned, feeling bad. "Sorry."

"It's fine. I'm sorry, too." He smiled. "Come on, let's finish this story."

I smiled, too, and lied against him, his arm around me. "So, why did Huey put fairy dust in the potion? Well, Huey thought Barry would like fairy dust and he thought the potion would be so much better with it."

"What did Huey talk about with his mom - I mean, the wizard?"

"He talked about the wizard's...ex-husband and Barry and what they were cooking for dinner."

"What did they say about Barry?"

"They talked about his adorable curly hair and how he made Huey smile more than anyone." I smiled up at him. "The end."

"That's a really bad story."

"I didn't write it," he laughed.

I pulled the cover over us turned the light off. "Night Louis."

"Night Harry," he told me, and kissed my head.

I went to sleep, with many wonderful dreams that night, all about Louis of course.

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