He is my secret

My screams aren't enough . He wants a blonde one and I'm not her will he ever think about my feeling or will he play with it . Zayn is my secret and I'm his secret but he is with Perrie . I'm Clara the girl that belongs in a band called Dilerena (I know it's strange but I love this name ). Read more to find out


1. The story begins

First, I would like to introduce my self I'm Clara Stan I'm a18 year old teenager I'm In band with my BFFs the first is Hannah , Rina and Jenna . I have brown tall wavy hair and brown-hazel eyes. I'm brunette I'm actually quite short I'm 5'8 feet and I'm 145 lbs we are actually best friends with one direction since Jenna is Louis's cousin . I'm from Australia and I don't have this cute accent but I really want to . Ps I'm really natural I'm not the kind that loves to put make up or fancy shamncy cloth . Lets start I was getting ready for my concert . I was wearing a tight black tall royal dress and tall red pumps . My wavy tall brown hair was on one side of my shoulders and the rest of my hair was to the back , I had light makeup with bloody Marie red lipstick to fit my brunette skin . I was putting my last touches when Hannah my best-friend/ band mate came she was wearing the same tight black dress but with a different style her awesome thin body and her perfect blonde hair and awesome looks she looked perfect as usual Hannah: Are you ready Me : " yup" I said popping the p Hannah giggled and said : well the boys will be here in 5 minutes and she plastered her scary smirk andi know what she means and yaa she was dating Cody Simpson .She knows I have a crush on Zayn I just love his perfect eyes his kissable lips , everything . I threw my pillow pet on her and suddenly we heard screaming coming from Jenna's rooms we ran as fast as we could and to our surprise louis was holding her tight and eleanor was ticking her and we both started laughing . When suddenly the other four boys plus Danielle and perrie came I looked at zayn and then looked at his side as a wave of jealousy hitted me harder than any time I hugged them all and when I came to zayn . I just had a small smile while hugging him when perrie pushed as if she wants to hug me and she did hug me but with a devilish look I don't know why she already has him , and I hugged Dani and El together at the same time they both are adorable and we are best / close friends . When our helper came and said that we have to go on stage in five min I told the girls that I want to sing the song that I love that in my mind it was dedicated to Zayn I was our second hit single its called " our love will know" " Clara : I never thought that you could be mine with our love standing aside . The problem is no one could hold us but I'm stil loving you but you don't feel the same Jenna : ur smile , ur hair , ur eyes are the death of me now Together : our love will know its way through the dark anytime it want Clara : I sang while looking at zayn "our love will know its way and it will go ...
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