He is my secret

My screams aren't enough . He wants a blonde one and I'm not her will he ever think about my feeling or will he play with it . Zayn is my secret and I'm his secret but he is with Perrie . I'm Clara the girl that belongs in a band called Dilerena (I know it's strange but I love this name ). Read more to find out


4. The Party

~~~~~~~ Zayn's pov ~~~~~~~~

Me and Perrie arrived at the party . It was wild people dancing , drinking ,swimming ,smooching and having fun 

But my mind couldn't stop thinking about Clara how she laughs , smiles and how she forgets everything while she is having fun. Me and Perrie went to sit next to the rest of the boys  and their girls I was drinking my vodka lemon sizzle . When Clara entered god damn how could she be so sexy that color is awesome the red color that is wrapped around her body that is so tight that shows every detail in her body that curves , sexy hot body her curves that can make any man go mad she came sitting she was the only single girl in the group she is the kind of girl that likes to keep herself till marriage . She was just perfect . But my thoughts were interrupted by Perrie squeezing my hand . Oh I forgot all about her . When Clara came to sit she sat next to Harry , Harry was a little drunk so he tried a lot of moves but she refused . But then Niall took her hand to start dancing she agreed and when she went to dance I couldn't stop watching her . I got really jealous I don't know why 


      ~~~~~~~~Clara's pov ~~~~~~~~~

i don't know why zayn was watching me but when I looked to him he held perrie by the hair and starting kissing her while looking at me , if he wants to play that why then I could play to    

'Whats going on ' Niall asked me with a loud voice so I can hear him over the loud songs 

i don't know what to say but I just held Niall's face and crashed my lips to his so hard but when I looked at zayn he's teeth we're clenched and his hands turned to fists and he was so mad he ran up to me took my hands and held them tight and took me to his car and pushed me in his car . As if I fell inside and then he came to the drivers seat and started to drive really fast we were gonna crash a few times . I was really scared and dizzy I couldn't open my mouth to speak I just closed my eyes when he stopped I opened my eyes to see that we arrived to his house I was really scared at first but I got a held of my self he got out of the car and went to my side opened my door and pulled me out . He opened the door and pushed me harshly in that I fell to the ground 

i started screaming and saying ' Zayn what's going on ur gone nuts '

' why did u do this ' Zayn  yelled 

 ' what did I do ' I yelled 

 ' wearing this dress , dancing and kissing Niall ' he yelled

 ' Zayn are u crazy ' I yelled 

 ' I'm crazy for u ' Zayn said softly

 ' Zayn u must be drunk ' I said while standing  up 

 ' I don't know but whenever I see u I need more than any other time ' Zayn said while approaching to me I kept going back until my back reached to the cold wall Zayn kept approaching till he reached me and whispered ' I need u ' and the next thing I know his lips were on mine moving in SYNC until we were interrupted by my phone it was Hannah 

 ( H is for Hannah , C is for Clara ) 

 h : Clara where the hell are u ? 

C : I was just bored and thought about talking a walk to get some fresh air ' I never lied to Hannah how could I do this 

H: ohh it's okay but we can't find Zayn to 

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