He is my secret

My screams aren't enough . He wants a blonde one and I'm not her will he ever think about my feeling or will he play with it . Zayn is my secret and I'm his secret but he is with Perrie . I'm Clara the girl that belongs in a band called Dilerena (I know it's strange but I love this name ). Read more to find out


3. Could this be

~~~~~Clara's pov~~~~~~~~


As I walked to the table . Rina was standing flirting with Niall . She just loves him 

' guys breakfast is ready ' I screamed to see all the guys lining on the table . I sat down next to zayn and Jenna . We were all joking around , laughing and having fun when I felt a hand on my thigh I looked down to see zayns hand and when I looked at him he was looking at Harry and laughing . Ohh he looked so cute , snap out of it girl what shall I do , I stood up and said 

 ' I'm done , Ill go wash the dishes ' 

 ' Do u want any help' Hannah asked 

 I simply nodded and she stood up to help me . When we got back to the living room they were all watching football. We chuckled and sat on the small sofa on the side 

 ' Are you guys ready for today's pool party ' Louis asked 

 ' Hell ya ' Liam said 

 ' I'm so existed ' Jenna said 

 ' Eleanor wants to go but I don't really feel like it ' Louis said 

 ' ohh Louis come on its gonna be super duper fun ' Rina said 

 ' oh come on bro it's gonna be a blast  ' I finally heard that husky , strong voice that is quite most of the time it's Zayn .

I just looked at him with a smile and said ' Zayn's totally right ' zayn then looked at me and said 

' See Louis even Clara agrees with me ' then he winks at me . What just happened did he really wink at me . Oh come on it could be a friendly wink get a hold of your self women I screamed in my head !! 

We sat watching T.V and eating chips and and donuts until 6 :00 pm . 

' so come on guys lets go get ready ' Niall said 

 ' Ya lets go ' Liam said I hugged louis and told him 

' plzz come ' he kissed my cheek and said ' I will '

Jenna and Rina went to the flat they were sharing to go get ready !

Hannah went to her room to get ready I ran to my room ! I had to look good for Zayn

 I got into a strapless really short red dress ! With high black pumps and curled my hair a little with some sexy appealing make-up ! That agrees with my skin tone . I got my black clutch and went down stairs to see Hannah standing waiting for me in a green cocktail mini dress . With her tall yellow hair in bun with messy curls falling from it with gold heels that made her body look stunning as usual . We were waiting for Jenna and Rina . Rina was wearing a black cupped dress which shows all her back with red pumps and Jenna was wearing a pink dress that fitted her body perfectly with cute blue heels and her brown short hair was falling perfectly till her shoulders . We complimented each others and went to my car I was driving today because they all get drunk and woozy while I hate drinking so I'm sure I wasn't gonna drink and off to the party we went 




 Hey guys well that's my first story I will put all my effort so u guys would enjoy it and don't worry zayn is gonna fall for her in no time and the story is gonna be more spicy i promise and if u expect anything to happen just write it in a comment and I promise I will try to put all ur ideas ,!!! Love u all  

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