I'm glad I found you

This is a story about a girl whose parents died during the war in her country. When she flees to England, she mets Niall Horan (One Direction - not famous) and her life changes.


13. Without Niall

Jane's p.o.v.:

At the airport, Liam and I said goodbye to Niall. He hugged Liam first. Secondly, he hugged me and we kissed. We all had tears in our eyes but none of us cried; we knew this was necessary. Liam and I were the only one who knew Niall left. Niall didn't tell the others because he only wanted to say goodbye to us. I understand why, he has it really difficult right now. The others would only ask questions. It was time for Niall to leave. I just hope he will be back soon because I already miss him. When Niall left, Liam and I hugged eachother because we were both about to cry. "C'mon let's go." Liam said after a while. He drove us home. Well, to his home. In the car, the only sound you could hear was from the radio, which played 'Lego House' by Ed Sheeran. Once we arrived, Liam showed me my new room. "You will get the room of my sister Ruth, who already moved out." I nodded. It was a beautiful room with purple and white walls. There was also a four poster bed. I really like that. Liam left me alone to settle me in my room. When he closed the door, I started to cry. By now, I realized how much I miss Niall. I miss his voice, his hair, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his accent,... I miss him so much. But I now he is in safe hand. He needed to get away. After a while, Liam came in. He saw me crying so he hugged me. "He will be alright." Whispered Liam. "I know, I just miss him so much." "Me too." We went downstairs and played on the wii. We played Just Dance and we were dancing on the song 'Starships' by Nicki Minaj. It was really fun. Liam is quiet a good dancer. At least, better then me. I'm terrible in it. But yeah, it's just for fun you know.

Niall's p.o.v.:

When I arrived in the airport of Ireland, I saw my dad and my brother waiting for me. I didn't know Greg was already back in Ireland. They gave me both a hug. It's been quiet a long time since I've been here. My family was in a pub so we went there. I missed to drink Guinness. It tastes so good! In the pub, there was a band called The Irish Rovers playing. They just finished their song. The next song was 'Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya'. I love that song. They make it sound so good with their deep voices. I'm Always daydreaming when I hear it. Like always in a pub, we drank alot and we danced. We don't always get drunk because we're used to drink. A fiew hours later we went to Nando's. That's so delicious! When we came home, I played a little bit on the guitare and then I went to bed.

Zayn's p.o.v.:

The next mourning it was monday, which meant I had to go to school. I woke up and took a shower. For breakfast, I ate scrumbled eggs and some bread. After breakfast, I took my bag and went to school by bike. "Hey guys." I said. Everyone was already there, except Jane, Niall and Liam, but they're always a bit later. A quarter later, Jane and Liam arrived, but Niall didn't. "Where is Niall?" Louis asked. It was silent for a moment. "Niall left to Ireland for a while." Liam finally said. "What? Why?" We all replied in choir. "He has it very difficult right now. Niall left because he wanted to be alone for a while so he could think about everything that happened. "Jane answered with a crack in her voice. "Jane, I'm really sorry for this. This is all my fault." Harry said. The subject of the conversation was quiet sensitive. "Don't be to hard on you. It was the best thing for Niall to leave. He will come back soon."

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