I'm glad I found you

This is a story about a girl whose parents died during the war in her country. When she flees to England, she mets Niall Horan (One Direction - not famous) and her life changes.


14. From brother to brother

Jane's p.o.v.:

Liam, Louis and I had drawing lesson. "Hello, class. Today, you will draw everything what you think of when you hear the word 'music'." said professor Jones. The class was happy with that subject. "It can be anything. Just think about the word. The things you draw can be so simple, it can also be words. Feel the music inside your head and draw." he continued. I like this lesson, and the teacher is good. First, I drew a headphone and some notes. Followed by a fiew words like passion, feelings, memories,... I didn't have many place left anymore so I drew a fiew squiggled lines in different directions and in different colours. After all, I think it was quiet beautiful. "Time's up! I will check your drawing and give you points." professor Jones said. Almost everybody had an A, but Louis and I got A+. We grinned to eachother. It's quiet easy to get good grades with professor Jones. "Well done, everyone. I wanted to see if you were able to draw your feelings and your thoughts. And I am pleased to tell you that you are." He said with a smile. 'It's very important to express your feelings via the art. But don't underestimate that, it's not always as easy as now. When you have a theme, than it's easier. Without a theme, it's very difficult to express your feelings. People who cannot express their feelings with words, will experience troubles with art. Art is more beautiful with feelings. That's something to think about. Well, that's enough for today. You can go." We all left. Next lesson, Liam, Louis and I were free. We decided to practise singing, because that was our next lesson. Liam has a very powerful voice, while Louis' voice is very special, I think more fragile. But they are both so good.

Niall's p.o.v.:

Next mourning, my parents were gone for a meeting. I prepared myself a typical Irish breakfast. Luckily, it's alot because I'm always hungry. An Irish breakfast contains: Irish sausages, Irish bacon, black pudding or white pudding, eggs, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, Irish beans, white pepper, Irish butter and Dubliner cheese. While I was eating it, my brother Greg came in. "Hey Niall." he said. "Hey Greg, how are you?" I replied. "I'm fine, thanks. And you?" "Good." Even though, I wasn't. "No you're not. You never come to Ireland in the middle of the school year. Now, tell me. What's wrong?" I sighed. "Well, it's just..." I didn't know where to start. This is so difficult to explain. But somehow, I managed anyway. "You know Harry, right?" "Yes, he is the curly boy of your friends, isn't it?" I nodded, and continued. "Well, he is in love with Jane too. He was so jealous that he kicked me several times, until I lost the awareness. I was in a coma for a week or something. It was too hard for me to see Harry everyday. Probably, we'll stay friends, but first, I have to digest this.' It was silence for a moment because Greg was thinking. Meanwhile, I could eat. "It was wise of you to take some distance from Harry for a while. That was the best you could do."

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