Triplets Are Inlove With ME?!

Christina Johnson was just an average girl, she was a very responsible woman until she snuck out of her house with her bestfriend Lily for some party and then she met everyone's bestfriend, Mr. Derek Bieber,

They became close friends and have been studying together, another Bieber came, also known as the school hottie, Justin Bieber.

Christina and Justin aren't really into each other, but they thought wrong. They got together and everything is perfect until she got a call saying that Jason McCann has her loved one and he will let her loved one go for one condition, she will be her slave and be with him forever. You just realized that the most THREE gorgeous and perfect boys loves you.

Will you choose or walk out?



1. Introduction

Justin's Point Of View


Hi, I'm Justin Bieber, I love to sing and I can dance :)


I have 2 brothers, they are Jason Bieber and Derek Bieber, I was the eldest so everything that mom and dad do, I help them with it.


My mother's name is Pattie Mallette and my father's name is Jeremy Bieber. Mom and dad broke up when they had Derek, so basically Derek never met our father...


We live in a small town in Canada.


We were very poor, we don't have much things but we still get along.



One Saturday night, when I and my brothers were hanging out, playing in the rain, our mom called Jason, my second brother. A few seconds later, mom started to cry, and so did Jason.

I came to them and listened to their conversation,


"You're going away for awhile now Jason..." Mom said sadly.


"I- I don't understand..." Jason replied.


"You're going on a trip..."


"Okay, when will we go on a trip?" Jason asked.


Mom paused for a second, held his hand and looked at him deeply in the eyes. "Jason baby, not WE... only YOU..."


Jason got tears on his eyes, suddenly, he was hitting mom.


"No! No! No!" Jason barked. "Only me?"


"Yes baby... I'm so sorry..."


"Why can't you come with me?!" Jason cried even more.


"It's too complicated for me to explain it to you right now... You'll understand it sooner..." Mom murmured.


"No mommy! Tell me!"


"I'm sorry..." Mom whispered, this actually broke my heart... This happened when I was 10 years old, Jason was 8 and Derek was 8. I know what mom means by Jason going on a trip on his own... Yep, mom is letting Jason go for an adoption.



The last thing I remembered about this is that a man with a hat, a dark pair of pants and a dark leather jacket carried him to his car.


I didn't even get to say goodbye to him.


This happened 5 years ago, I don't wanna remember it again.


Now I'm 15 years old.


Our life was never the same as before...


I got transferred to a new school, it's called 'Noah Almilar High School'.


It seems nice.




Is my first day of school, my brother, Derek was also in a same grade as me, because he was so smart so he skipped 3 levels.


Let's see how this year goes...








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