Triplets Are Inlove With ME?!

Christina Johnson was just an average girl, she was a very responsible woman until she snuck out of her house with her bestfriend Lily for some party and then she met everyone's bestfriend, Mr. Derek Bieber,

They became close friends and have been studying together, another Bieber came, also known as the school hottie, Justin Bieber.

Christina and Justin aren't really into each other, but they thought wrong. They got together and everything is perfect until she got a call saying that Jason McCann has her loved one and he will let her loved one go for one condition, she will be her slave and be with him forever. You just realized that the most THREE gorgeous and perfect boys loves you.

Will you choose or walk out?



3. 2. "Where's Alex?"

Jason's Point Of View


I don't understand my life at all. My father is going somewhere and I have no idea where. Not even my damn brother can tell me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up and looked at the clock, it's already 3PM. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste and did my thing. I went out of the bathroom and changed my t-shirt and jeans. I went downstairs and looked for Alex.


No sign of him. I shook my head and went outside and started walking to the park. That's where I always go whenever I need to catch a breath and to think about things. It was very quiet. I suddenly felt a hands covering my eyes.


You know who it is? It's Laila. Who is she? Well, she's a bitch. Nah, I'm just kidding. We're friends since we were 10 years old. I also have 3 other friends. Specifically, Ethan Marley, Jaden Chandler and Macario Parker. I only have 4 close friends. Nobody else. "Laila. Stop that." I tried to remove her hands off of my face.


"Sorry. I'm not Laila, I'm your worst nightmare." She chuckled.


"Funny. I know you by your voice and actions bitch." I replied. She removed her hands and sat with me on the bench, looking angry.


"Come on Laila, you know I'm like this..." I murmured.


"Like what? Like an asshole?" She looked away. I nodded.


"Yeah. But I'm your asshole you know..." I winked at her.


"You're pathetic." She punched me lightly at my chest.


"No I'm not." I shook my head cutely while smiling. Lol what?


"Yes you are." I paused for awhile and finally said yes. Laila looked at me curiously. My smile faded away after I said yes.


"Are you okay?" She asked me. I looked down.


"I don't know..." I whispered. Laila held my hand.


"Well... Do you want to talk about it?"


"I guess..." Laila nodded letting me continue.


"It's my dad and Alex." I answered.


"What about them?" Laila asked again.


"Well, there's just something their not telling me." I paused.


"Like, their hiding something for me..."


"What makes you think that?"


"Alex and dad talked earlier and dad is always saying that he's gonna do 'the plan' and shit. They don't even give a fuck about telling me what's going on." Laila was just looking at me then away, she looks very scared.


But why? I mean, has she done something with this or...?


"Laila." I called her, pissed. She turned around. I can see the nervousness in her eyes. She was rubbing her hands together.


"Is there something I need to know?" I asked her. She shook her head. I don't want to get mad right now. A lot of things are running in my mind. I just ignored her. I stood up and grabbed Laila's hand. She asked me where are we going, of course, I didn't answer her. We just went home and I locked the door.


"Why the fuck did you lock the damn door?" Laila barked. I pushed her against the wall as her eyes widen.


"Tell me something will you?" She nodded.


"What is it?"


"I want you to tell me the truth..."


"Just tell me..." She begged.


"Do you know something about my dad and Alex?"





Laila's Point Of View


"Do you know something about my dad and Alex?" Jason asked, with anger in his eyes.


"N-no." I replied.


Jason had a tight grip on my arm. "J-Jason... You're hurting me..." Jason pulled back. I started to get tears in my eyes while rubbing my arm. He came towards me and hugged me tight.


"I'm sorry..." Jason whispered. "I'm sorry..." I hugged him back. "I'm just really curious to know what's happening to them..." Jason hugged me tighter.



"I-it's fine Jay..." I replied.



"No... I hurted you. You. My bestfriend. My only bestfriend."


"Come one Jays, let's not be too cheesy." I laughed.


"Bitch." he murmured.


"Pussy." I murmured too.


"What?!" Jason barked.




"Yeah, that's what I thought too."




Christina's Point Of View


First day of school!

New classmates, new teachers and new cute guys ;)


I washed my face, combed my hair and fixed my things. I got downstairs and I saw Arve also getting ready. He was combing his hair and looked at me.


"Oh Chris. Ready to go?" he asked.


"Do we really have to go to school together everyday?" I raised my right eyebrow.


"Maybe..." He licked his lips. I sighed.


"I'm just kidding Chris." He laughed.


"Let's go." He started to walk out as I followed him. When we came to school.


A lot of new people are in the hallway. There's so many newbies this school year. More newbies than last year. "


Well, I need to go now. Do you know where's you're first class?" Arve asked.


"Yep. Bye." I waved to him. He waved back. I went to my first class, MATH. Well fuck.


I slowly went inside of the classroom, nervously.


"Oh Miss Johnson. Welcome." One of my favorite teachers greeted me.


"Hey Miss DeCastro." I waved. I sat on a un- occupied chair at the back of the class.


"Okay everyone we have a new student here. Class, I want you all to meet Derek Bieber.


" I quickly widen my eyes and I gave Derek a 'come-and-seat-next-to-me' gesture.


He gave a little laugh. "I can't believe you're here!" He said, smiling widely.


"Me too." I replied, smiling.



After class...


Derek and I went out of the room and straight to our lockers. Good news, he's locker is next to mine!


"So, what's your next class?" He asked me.


"English." I replied. "How about you?"


"Aww... my next class is History." He pouted.


That is just cute. I wanted to squeeze his cheeks but I was too shy.


"Anyways we'll see each other again later anyway." I laughed. "Yeah, I guess you're right..." He replied, and he suddenly hugged me. I was shocked. Did he really just did that? He's so funny.


"Thanks for... uh... hugging..." I said.


"One thing you need to know about me." Derek stated. "I hug my friends." I rolled my eyes.


"Okay then Derek." I laughed again. "Bye!" He waved smiling and started to walk away. Derek is such a funny and a jolly person. His bestfriend is very lucky to have him. 



One question, does he have a girlfriend? I think so. He's too cute to not have a girlfriend. I went to my next class and I saw Derek.


Cool! Wait, we have different classes right? Why would he lie to me? And why the hell did he changed his clothes?










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