.A Killers Dream.


1. Prologue

'There goes Crazy Carter!'Someone snickered as my teacher made me go in-front of the class.

'Let's hear the Note Cartin.'She said blantley.

'I-it's Carter.'I stuttered but she just shrugged.

I started shaking and became so nervous,'I-i can't..'I breathed as everyone laughed.

She looked at me and a harsh glare landed on me.'Read it.'She said roughly.

'No.'I said standing straighter and ripped the note up in her face.

I smirked as I turned to walk out I heard those words leave her mouth.

'Crazy Carter.'

Something broke.I laughed so hard...probably more than I did my whole life.

'She really is Crazy.'I heard Samantha say.

I snapped my neck towards her,and grabbed a pencil.

'Say it again,I dare you.'I smirked I felt my heart race.

Something wasn't rite about me,but I liked this feeling.

'Your a crazy bitch.'She said as I looked at her.

I grabbed her collar and jabbed her heart with the Pencil, 

pushing it in her until it came threw the other side of her body.

I heard everyone scream and run.

That was the Day I ran away from home.

Ran Away from being a Push-Over.

Ran Away from my Mama.

I just ran,I was a Murderer....

And I loved it.


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