One Direction Imagines!!!

Just tell me what you want and I will write it for you.


7. Tess and Liam

For Tess,

Sorry for not updating for such a long time! You know school... Anyway, here you go Tess!

Little Directioner


    "C'mon Liam don't be so childish!" you shouted.

    "You kissed him Tess! You kissed him!" he shouted back.

    "You know I was drunk!" you tried to explain.

    It's the biggest fight you've ever had with Liam. He was fussing about the kiss you gave Niall last night at the party. You were drink and you didn't mean to kiss him.

    "You are mine and only mine," he said to you, "not Niall's." His eyes were full of lust. He pressed you on the wall and started to kiss you passionately. His arms went around your back at first, holding you close, but soon, as you responded to his kiss, and pressed yourself into him, his hands were on your breasts, pulling impatiently at the buttons of your cardigan.

    In no time you both were naked. He knelt and started to kiss you inner thighs, then you clits. The pleasure filled you and you moaned loudly. He started to thrust into you with his tongue, and kissed your pussy deeply.

    "Oh my gosh Liam," you moaned. You breaths were unstable, and only wanting for more. You opened your legs wide, and let him pleasure you.

    After a few minutes, he stopped. "It's your turn to pleasure me," he said.

    You knelt down and started to kiss and suck his dick. You tried to put his full length into your mouth, but it is too big. You started to use your hands.

    "Enough, enough. Come here Tess," he commanded you. You ignored and continued at what you were doing. He pulled you onto the sofa and thrusted into you. He began pumping into you, his eyes never leaving your face. You shut your eyes, and enjoyed the pleasure.

    Later on, it was about to over. He reared up and the veins in his neck stood out. With a grunt of satisfaction he dropped down heavily, and you both breathed deeply.

    "I'm sorry Tess," he said between breathes.

    "For what?" you asked.

    "For not trusting you," he answered.

    "It's OK Liam. I forgive you," you said.

    He sent you one last kiss and you both drifted off sleeping on the sofa, naked.


Sorry if it's not good enough! It's my first time I write dirty imagines. Comment and Like if you satisfied <3

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