One Direction Imagines!!!

Just tell me what you want and I will write it for you.


3. Lacy and Liam (2)

    So now you have been dating Liam for 2 years. Although it's quite a long time but you both were still very passionate about each other. One night Liam called you.

L=Liam  Y=You

L: Hello Lacy. Are you home now?

Y: Yeah, what's up?

L: No I just wanna show you something. Can I come now?

Y: Sure.

L: Be there in 5.

*End of call*

    After about few minutes, you heard a knock on the door. You opened the door and saw Liam standing there, holding a bouquete. "Oh thank you Liam, that is so sweet!"

    You both went inside. But once you two got in, Liam knelt down on the floor and said, "Lacy, darling, we have been dating for 2 years and I love you just, so so much. Will you marry me?"

    You looked into his hazel brown eyes. Tears of joy started to fill your eyes and you said happily, "Yes! Yes! A million yes!"

    Your wedding was perfect. Liam had planed in very well. That is your best memory ever in your life.

    Now you are a mother of your two kids, Kylie and Charlotte. They are Liam and your twins. They both are the cutest and loviest children you have ever saw. Liam is a good father, and a good husband, and you know he is the best in the whole world.


Hope you like it! <3


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