One Direction Imagines!!!

Just tell me what you want and I will write it for you.


2. Lacy and Liam (1)

To Lacy,

Hope you enjoy it!

Little Directioner


    It was summer holiday. You decided to go out for some shopping. Once you entered the shopping mall, your eyes were glued to a beautiful dress. You went into the boutique. There, you saw a tall, cute boy, staring at you. You blushed.

    You asked the sales lady about the beautiful dress you just saw. She gave you one and you decided to give it a try. It fits you perfectly. You looked into the mirror, pretty amazed by the beauty in it. You decieded to buy it.

    When you were paying for it, you found out that you didn't have enough money to do so. Just then, the boy came by. "Let me pay for it. I'm her boyfriend," he said to the cashier.

    "Sure. Let me help to pack it up," the cashier replied kindly.

    "Hi. I'm Liam. Liam Payne," he introduced himself to you.

    "I'm Lacy," you shaked his hand.

    "What a beautiful name," he said.

    "Thanks," you blushed.

    After that, you decided to take a cup of coffee with Liam in Starbucks. This time, you paid. When that's the end of the day, you both exchanged numbers and you went home happily.

     ----------------------------------------------------------One month later------------------------------------------

Y=You    L=Liam

Y: Hello?

L: Hey Lacy. It's Liam. Long time no see huh?

Y: Oh hello Liam. Shall we meet?

L: Sure! How' bout today?

Y: I'm sorry but I'm not available tonight. Tomorrow night?

L: Ok. Give me your address and I will come and fetch you tomorrow night at 7.

    You gave Liam your adress and ended the call. You were actually free that night, but you were TOOOO excited and wanted to have a well-prepared date. The following night, you wore the dress which Liam bought you and made yourself as pretty as possible. When Liam came to fetch you, you were pretty surprised to see him. He was in a very smart suit.

    "Wow. You looked stunning," he exclaimed.

    "Thanks," you giggled, "you're not bad either."

    The date went perfectly. After dinner, Liam brought you to a park. There, you can saw many beautiful stars.

    "That is wonderful. The stars are so pretty," You said, while looking high up in the sky.

    "Not as pretty as you," Liam said.

    You two shared your first kiss under the beautiful scenery.

    "Be my girlfriend?"

    "Yes yes yes!!!"

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