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10. Faith and Niall

For Faith,

Hope you like it!

Little Directioner


    Strange. Very strange. Niall have been acting very weird these days. You have dated him for 5 years and he had never been liked that. You were very curious and wished to know more about it. But maybe he is just planing some kind of surprise for you, so you decided not to ruin it.

    Today is a very special day since it's your birthday, you were extremely excited and thought he might be planing something for you. You prepared dinner and while you were setting the table, you heard the door opened. Niall's back. You rushed to him and kissed him.

    "Hello princess. Happy birthday," he kissed your forehead. You expect him to give you something special for your present. But instead, he ran upstairs to your's and his room. You are disappointed.

    Once dinner was ready, you shouted, "Niall, dinner's ready!"

    What replied you was silence.

    "NIALL!!!" you shouted again. This time, much louder.

    No one replied.

    You was scared to hell. Why didn't he answered? You walked up the stairs and entered into your room. There, you saw the most shocking view.

    The floor was covered by a rose petals heart. Niall took your hand, knelt down and said, "Faith, we've been dating for 5 years. I love you so much. Please. Will you marry me?" he pulled out a ring.

    Tears of joy ran down your face. "Yes," you said. Niall slipped the ring on your finger and kissed you passionately.


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