One Direction Imagines!!!

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4. Electra and Niall

For Electra,

Hope you like it!

Little Directioner


    "Electra, you are such a bitch. Niall doesn't even like you." (I'm sorry, hope you don't mind it!)

    "Leave Niall, you slut."

    "You just don't deserve it! Niall can do it much much better!"

    You scrolled your phone reading all the hates given by the directioners while crying your eyes out. It's like that after you and Niall had became official. You can always work it out as Niall always hugs you tells you that everything was alright. But this one is a special case. Niall is on tour, so you were alone in the big house which belongs to you and Niall. You were alone. The house was quiet and cold. You were very lonely. Just... very lonely.

    You decided to give Niall a call to see if everything was alright. You grabbed your phone and dialed the number, hoping to hear a few words from him. But all you hear is just "Sorry, this is Niall Horan. I am not available now. I will call you back as soon as possible."

    You were broken. The hate, the lonliness were getting inside you. And now you're not even able to call Niall, which was even worse.

    You walked into the bathroom wearily,decided to take a bath, while you heard some noise. It's like, someone was trying to get into the house. You ran into your room and got a baseball bat. Then you went to the living room to see what is happening.

    But you just stood there, shocked. There, stood the person you want.

    "Niall! You're back!"

    "Yeah princess, I'm back," Niall said while giving you a kiss on your forehead.

    "Aren't you on tour?"

    "I miss you so much. So I decided to come back for a while."

    That night, you and Niall spent the whole night cuddling and kissing, and you know he is the best boyfriend ever.



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