Half A Heart

It is about me Joan. I'm dead. And now I'm happy more that I was alive. I love to be dead. But my story have to come out. Who there killed me, and who I loved. My daughter who never met me. And my sweetheart be loved boyfriend. Who killed me but how. And of cause my friends and family.
Read this story if you dare.

(This is my first story in english so hope you like it White Angel)


6. Chapter 5




“Fuck I hate to write!” I gave the paper back to Jeremy.

“We all do. But I got a good one.” He smiled

“What did you get? Give me the paper! Now please!” shaked his head.

“You would be angry if you sow it.”

“I´m angry because you not will let me see it. Please I promise that I´m not getting angry.” He gave me the paper. I looked a big circle around story for kids. He was right I was angry. I love to write a story for kids.

“Here you are lucky you know that right.” He nodded. “I´m not angry. Come let us get some food.” He took my arm and gave me the dice.

“You have to do, you know that.”

“I know that, but…”

“No but now.” I took the dice and took my hand over his table and let go.

“It is a love story.” Jeremy said with happiness in his voice. “Now if it is going to be a happy ending or not.” I took the dice again. It land down on the table.

“It is a odd number so it is a unhappy ending.” This time there was no happiness in his voice. Why was he so upset it was me how had to write the story.

“Like I said before, time to food!!” I laugh. Jeremy took his bag and walked after me. All the girls stood in front of the door. Jack stood there and looked at me.

“Come let us go away from the door, so other people can get through.” He looked at me. Something said to me that I should look away, but something hold me. Maybe it was that way the looked at me. All the girls and Jer looked at us……

“Come time to eat.” I looked away and began to walk.

“What happen just before?”

“I have know a idea what you are talking about.” We walked in cafeteria. Took some food and set us on our place. Jeremy didn´t ask more to what happen between Jack and me. But then the new girl came. And set down beside me.

“Thank you for helping me.” She smiled and looked at me. ”My name is Annalisa.” Again she smiled. Maybe Jack had talked to her our something like that.

“My name is Joan.” I looked at Jeremy. “And my name is Jeremy.” After he said that they began to talk, a lot. Maybe that love story not is going to be difficult. A story about loving someone, but then you just are going to lose him again. It will be easy. I just look at my own love life. I´m 18 years and I have still not kissed one. Not one. I´m going to died alone. All them I liked didn´t even know that I was there. They just looked at Mimi all the time. The beautiful Mimi there gets all she what’s.

“Joan.” Jeremy and Annalisa looked at me. No they didn´t look at me but something behind me. I looked back. And there he stood. Jack.

“Hey.” Why the fuck is he talking to me. I looked around in the room. All looked over to us. Can he not just leave me alone? No he have to come and talk to me. Fuck off and leave me alone.

“Hey do you need something?” Omg I´m cold. He smiled and turned.

“No I don´t.” And then he walked away. All in the room began to talk. And so did Jeremy and Annalisa, but I didn´t hear what they said. I just looked that way he went.

The year went. And we didn´t talk to each other. I wish sometimes that I just could go over to him, but I could not. The next day Mimi said that they were a couple. And she told the truth. They were a couple. Annalisa, Jeremy and me become best friends. Annalisa felled in love with Jeremy, and so did he in her. And so it was just me.


That story I had to write I got 12. Nick our teacher said that it was like seeing it on a scream. He said I could become a writer. I began to write about Annalisa and Jeremy´s love life, but with a little bit of fantasy. We went out of the school. We all past and I got 12 in all, except for Math. I only got 7. After we got out of the school Annalisa and Jeremy got married. It was a beautiful wedding and there I met my first boy friend. But after a week I break up. I became writer. A famous one.

Now after 4 years I first see him. I saw him on the way to the supermarket. He just stood there, and I looked at him. He had not changed a bit, but I had.

Maybe that was why he didn´t recognized me. Or that he didn´t remember me. The last thing is maybe the one. I was ugly, and he only talked to me two or three times. Ohh Jack I loved you. And you took my heart, and now I want it back.





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