Half A Heart

It is about me Joan. I'm dead. And now I'm happy more that I was alive. I love to be dead. But my story have to come out. Who there killed me, and who I loved. My daughter who never met me. And my sweetheart be loved boyfriend. Who killed me but how. And of cause my friends and family.
Read this story if you dare.

(This is my first story in english so hope you like it White Angel)


5. Chapter 4




“Okay this is the hallway. At this hallway we have all the classrooms. But the music room is next to the library, so you can see that.” I think we had walked in 10 minutes and he had not said a thing to me.

“So you don't talk so much.” I looked at him, and he looked at me. His brown eyes were so pretty, and they was brown.

“I can not talk because you talk so much.” Okay that idiot. But he was right I talk too much.

“Yes I do. I always have done that, but I'm sorry about that.” This person was not like all the other boys in the class. They think that I'm stupid, but I'm more clever that them. And they think that I like them.


“You didn't regard like the others, why?”

“What do you mean?” What the fuck is he talking about.

“All the other girls looked at me, but you didn't. Why?”

“I don't no.” Thud!

I hit the wall. He hold me op at the wall. He was so close at me I felt his warm.

“Don’t be silly. You just don’t want me to now it.” Okay this boy is freaking me out.

“Because…….. I don´t now I didn´t care!” He let go of me. And began to walk. Who the fuck is this boy.

“I´m sorry.” He whispered. We took his books on the library.

“It is okay.”

“Come now the class is soon over.” We walked back to the class and when we came in all the girls ran over to us, or him. I began to walk out of the big group. 

“Hey Jer.” He looked up. He took a paper on my table and passed it to me.

I began to read up to Jeremy.




English – write 500 or more for Wednesday 6th May


You are all going to write a story on 500 words or more. And you are going to have a dice.

When you rolled your dice you will find your genre.

1.  A Fairytale

2.  A Horror story

3.  A Love story

4.  A Detective story

5.  A Comedy story

6.  A Story for kids


Now you need to rolled your dice again, to find out if it is going to be a happy ending or not.

If it is an even number you are going to have a happy ending.

If it is an odd number you are going the have an unhappy ending.



Now I only can write one last thing, and that is Good Luck.

Nick Lancer. 

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