Half A Heart

It is about me Joan. I'm dead. And now I'm happy more that I was alive. I love to be dead. But my story have to come out. Who there killed me, and who I loved. My daughter who never met me. And my sweetheart be loved boyfriend. Who killed me but how. And of cause my friends and family.
Read this story if you dare.

(This is my first story in english so hope you like it White Angel)


3. Chapter 2


It was a cold winter night december night and the wolf was yelling at the moon..................

OMG I'm lying right now. First of all it is not december, but May. And of cause I didn't have the dark story. In the dark story (there in the end will be a good story) will somebody help you if you fall. And love you and tell you all the sweets things about how beautiful you look today and all the time.
My begin is weird for many people. But I love the start. But not the end. 
My history begins on my birthday. The 6. May and I'm now 18 years old the year is 2018. And it is now it all begins.

”Hey Joan are you coming down.” My sister Ann yelled at me. 
”Just one more minute.” I yelled bag. The clock was 07:50 and there was 15 minutes to the school begins for me. I think it is long time because we had 5 minutes to the school, but she doesn't think that. My life begin here. In my old home. With my family and friends. 
I was done for 6 minutes ago but I hate to come early to the school.
Me and my sister have a weird relationship. One day we are best friends, and next day we are so angry on each other that we are ready to kill. Our parents do not know about it, and that is for the best.

“I'm ready now.” I had open the door to my room, and walk out to the hallway. And there she was my beautiful sister in her beautiful red dress. Nobody on the school believe that we are in family because we don't look alike. Not a bit. She has brown eyes and I have blue eyes. She has brown hair and I'm blond haired. But there is one thing I'm better that her. I'm the best to choose beautiful clothes (you can walk in of cause) I said to her that the dress was beautiful on her. And now I can see I'm right.

“That took long time. What was you doing all that time.” 
“The same things you are doing.” I know it sounds evil, but I have done and said more evil things. 
“Jeez you are happy today. Little sister. But come it is school time.” And she was smiling because she love the school, unbelievable.
“Just go because I have to have shoes on and a jacket.” 
“Okay sweetheart but you have to come to school. I am going down to the bus now.” 
“Okay Ann. See you.” And finally I don't need to hear that I have to hurry. Ann do not go on the same school as me more. That is way she have to hurry so much.
I have to go in school. And I have to not be seeing again today. Maybe my sister is beautiful and always have been beautiful. But I'm just ugly all the other say that I'm. But am I. 

But it is time for school and I'm so happy............... NOT.


“Hey beauty.” Uh I forgot Jeremy my best friend. In 2. year I forgot my food and then he gave me some of his food. I laughed some much that day. We fund out that we ad so much in common. And since that day we have bin best friends. 
“Do not call me that, but hey.” I have tolled him so many times to stop calling me beautiful our beauty. because I'm ugly. 
“But you are beautiful.” He took his arm round me. Always when he do that, I fell safe.
“No I'm not.” 
“Come on beautiful the class is starting now.” And he was right. 
“But I'm sick.” And tried to look sick, but he knows me. 
“Come on she is not that bad to day.” I looked at him. And he knows what I was thinking. Her not so bad = the death of all people. “Because there is a new boy in the class.” And now it sounds like her. That bitch. The bitch's name is Mimi Force. Her family is the most wealthy and rich people in the town and always have bin that. BUT SHE IS A DIVA.

“Do you think that the new boy is pretty.” He look at me, and then I being to and he laughed with.
“Yes my beautiful friend I think he is, or else would Mimi not follow him.” He was right. Mimi go after the pretty ones. Her friends have to be pretty and her boyfriend's.
“Come on it is time for math.” We walk down at the hallway. And there is the diva. 

And we just have to walk, and hope that she not notice us. But that way she was talking was angry, but why. She is pretty. “Of cause I have to be pretty and you have to be ugly!” She was yelling at her friend Bliss. Me and Bliss was best friends once. But when her mother and father got good friends with Mimi's mother and father and then I was gone. But then Jer was there.
“Jean I have to be ugly.” Bliss looked at me. She was sad, I could see that. Mimi so me and Bliss look at me.
“Come the toilet now!” And she was going, and of cause Bliss was following her. 
After that weird thing with Bliss and Mimi I didn't now what to think. 
We walk in to the class. Some of the the students was sitting on the tables or in the window. Jer and I sat at our normal place and we took our books op, at the same time. In the start it was weird but now we just are launching at it every time.

“Fuck I forgot my lipstick it is all your fault Bliss.” And then they come. Mimi have new clothes before she had jeans and a blue t-shirt on. But now she have a dress on. 
She walk over to her normal place but the new girl (She have bin here in to weeks now) was siting there. Mimi didn't say a thing but just look at her. All in class looked over and didn't now what there was going on. The new girl walk over to me, or close. When those things happens nobody can talk to her all day, but doesn't sound all right to her. 
And there was nobody sitting on my left side. 
“You can sit there.”
“Can I.”
“Yes.” And then she put her bag down and set down.
“You can not speak to her!” Mimi place herself in front of me. 
“Yes I can.” 
“No you can't!” I look at her. And her face was so red I couldn't stop laughing at her.
“Yes Diva I can. And maybe you have to thill down a bit.” And then she took her arm op. 





Hope it is good. And what do you think there was happening.

All here from White Angel. 

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