Half A Heart

It is about me Joan. I'm dead. And now I'm happy more that I was alive. I love to be dead. But my story have to come out. Who there killed me, and who I loved. My daughter who never met me. And my sweetheart be loved boyfriend. Who killed me but how. And of cause my friends and family.
Read this story if you dare.

(This is my first story in english so hope you like it White Angel)


2. Chapter 1



I lost the best time in my life. To you.

When I was with you I was so happy. Even when you was hitting. I was happy. Because you loved me when no body else did. Our did you just make me fell loved. I wonder if I just was a another of your toys. Another girl. Who was just as stupid as all the others our was I. In the end I fund out of it, and that is why I am dead now. And I am right. I know I am right.


In the end you loved me. You just didn't no. And now I am dead. And if I for once not need to lie to say this, and just can be my self. Because I love to be dead. Now I said it. I love to be dead. I love to just see my family. My daughter who never met me. But just to se her makes me happy. My sister with her family. And of cause mom and dad. And my sweetheart lover.


It sounds weird, I notice it. Because if I was alive it would sound weird to. Because we are so afraid of death. Afraid if it hurt when we die. But it doesn't. But of cause my dead hurt. But for others it won't hurt. Because you die a natural death many of you. Natural dead is more that you maybe thinks. For me it is. Because I died with a knife in my heart nothing else.


But in this history you are going to hear about my love who killed me and me. And why he didn't.

It is weird it fells like yesterday when he was kissing me, and holding me. And always say that he loved me. I know it was a lie now all that time I was with him, but I still love him. When I closed my eyes I see him. I see him smile of the things I said there was stupid. And when he laughed when I said what our daughters or sons names should be.

Fuck I am crying right now. And it is over him. I am sorry curse.


But allow me to tell you the story, if you dare.





Hey I hope it is good


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