Within The Word Fate

Heavy feet scraping against the flat asphalt quickly, they ran. Heeding their enemies, paramount's, leaders; they fled seeking war.
It all came down to her fate. What will it bring upon them? What will it bring upon her? Misery, affliction, destruction? They will go through it all. Including death.
What can she do when she has the power to make a change for the better or for the worse? Can she see past the evil or will a fire ignite the lethal part in her? The glint in her once innocent eyes will accentuate all that hasn't been said. If they try to save her to make use of her for the best, will fate wait?


1. Preface

She's going to die, the wind blew against the trees in a whisper.

A thrill ran through me indulging me with spasm. Pain infected me after, though. Agony was surged into my insides, burning me to flames completely highlighting my first thought pleasure. I felt it, but only behind closed eyelids could I see it as I shut them back. I felt the heat engulf me within as blue flames drew my sprawled form's border. The flames danced higher blocking my sight past the dark and the blue.

I stayed still, waiting. Waiting for what? I didn't know. I only knew I couldn't move just about yet though.

 I flicked my eyelids open with a start, fading the agony and the images to the dark.

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