Within The Word Fate

Heavy feet scraping against the flat asphalt quickly, they ran. Heeding their enemies, paramount's, leaders; they fled seeking war.
It all came down to her fate. What will it bring upon them? What will it bring upon her? Misery, affliction, destruction? They will go through it all. Including death.
What can she do when she has the power to make a change for the better or for the worse? Can she see past the evil or will a fire ignite the lethal part in her? The glint in her once innocent eyes will accentuate all that hasn't been said. If they try to save her to make use of her for the best, will fate wait?


2. Chapter 1- Stubborn Fugitive

I groaned loudly and fell to the ground in utter helplessness. I'll just have to face the wrath then, I thought, with a hint of despair. I slouched my head back against the edge of the bed and blew a huff. I laid still for a while anticipating foreign help and I thought I'd even fall asleep from exhaustion if a knock haven't sounded, startling me.  I shook the sleep off my eyes quickly in halfhearted guilt and got up to get the door.

  "Come in," I sighed in relief looking up at him instead of my parents.

  "There waiting at the lobby. What's taking you so long?" he said moving in the single bed room that I was fitted in for the next three days for a justificating goodbye summer vacation trip.

  He plopped himself on my bed and eyed the mess I made in between and on the sheets; tweezers, pins, bobby clips and even a knife. It was all of absolute no use.

  "Again, huh?" he looked up at me with a smile, his grey eyes glistering with the effective bright light that hung on top of him. I looked down to my feet, biting the insides of my cheek to suppress a smile. He knew all too well. Being stuck with me for years, he'll for sure know.

  It's not that I was careless or anything, but things really just disappear to nothingness when you hand them over to me and actually expect me to take care. And those damned little keys always vanished, getting me in trouble three times in row now. Why my mom insisting I fasten my luggage with padlocks before traveling was one thing, but understanding why she insisted to make me take care of the keys myself was just beyond me. She knew all too well what a klutz I could be, too.

  My long-time best friend, Ian, shook his head, though still smiled and got to work with my bag, saving me from a give-out session from my mother--if she had found out again--that I was so not up for.

"This one's different this time," he stated while looking through the mess in the bed for something to work with.

  "I know. I could have done it myself but it's too thick and long. I don't know what happened to the old ones," I referred to the key shape and slid down beside him absorbing the way he worked, in contained frustration. Just when I had started to learn on the old ones, she decided on a new type. I knew Ian could do it tough, nonetheless. He was like a tamed delinquent if that makes sense. He knew all about such troubles somehow, though he still managed the two-goody-shoes act allright.

  I got fitted in decent clothes for the night quickly after Ian had unlocked the lock and skipped to them downstairs. I started through the isle and elevators appreciating the posh texture of the hotel. I wanted to skip on the dinner with the parents badly for a tour around, but I was sure I didn't have an option.

  Incoherent chattering filled the crowded space along with plates and the dinning utensils rattling, blending awfully with the eccentric choice of music that was playing softly as a background. I had completely lost my appetite, but I had suppressed my despair for the sake of my family.

  I figured they were having a relieving night with my sister and Ian's father. It had been a while, since Annabelle was here, for her college was states away from home. Ian's father wasn't much of an outgoing person, but he joined us for the trip for my sisters reunion's sake. It wasn't that I wasn't excited about seeing her, but we already had our fair share of conversing the entire trip here. We did average talks, but let's be real, how many sane people can keep up with their siblings and be nice for too long?

  Just to add up to my discomfort, there topic was somewhere along business and finance. The way every one perked their ears and conversed like it was the most alluring topic, had me sulking back in my seat and suppressing a sigh while stabbing on a delicious lobster that somehow failed to get my stomach rumbling today. It was always about her when she was around, she was perfect and never failed in amazing everyone.

  Get me out of here.

  "...Yes, you two have to work hard this year. We want better results," I heard my dad say the words after I felt his gaze between Ian and myself. I knew we never did bad, our results were fairly good, but just like that, they were crazy about education. So it was alway the same every year no matter. I nodded merely with a flat smilr and so did Ian, before they quickly got back to there intense--boring--convo. 

 A poke shattered my focus again and I stopped fidgeting with the lobster to look up at grey eyes.

'I'm suffocating' , Ian typed in his phones memo.

 I rolled my eyes at him in a tell-me-about-it gesture and sulked further more.
'Lets ditch,' he typed in.

  "No, it'll be really rude. We always skip on them. Lets bare this time," I whispered to him thoughtfully, forcing myself to wrap it around my head, too. It'll have to eventually ce to an end anyway.

 "I'm going to the bathroom," I announced to the rest, my bladder determined that this was all it could take of fluid.

 When I was finished, I trudged to the sink to wash my hands. A sent a little different from that of dog got me wiggling my nose the way I always did when I smelled nearby animals. Like the time I knew an army of ants were under my bed munching on leftovers of Doritos. Or the rat I figured was roaming our store room when I went to get a mop. It was like a weird gesture, but always happened beyond my will. I figured it was just an awesome sixth sense or so. A girl can always strech her imagination, nah?

 I sniffed again, frowning. I'm in an empty bathroon. Where would it be? I looked around me at nothingness, but toilet cubics and a couple of sinks at me either side. The rest was just mere decorations fitted in. I sighed then and shrugged it off. Maybe it was just the exhaustion rubbing off.  

  I skipped out the restroom, the sent hitting me beyond oblivion, my nose wiggling like crazy with an annoying itch the same time I saw brown eyes, but this was a man. I stared at him for a little, startled. He did so too, his hand gripping the men's bathroom handle as he closed it after him. He stared back at me with a wondering gaze and I wrinkled my forehead before I shook it off. He probably has a dog or so and his sent rubbed off. I figured I was probably freaking him out with the nose gesture, too so I pursed my lips and blushed crimson red, looking away.  

 I left him behind walking back to our table in a hast. To my sheer satisfaction; everyone was waiting for me so that we could leave now. They decided to skip on desert because they were already too full.

 An hour and a half later, I was grinning at my long time best friend and partner in crime when he flung his door opened. He was still in his dinner time attire looking casual. He raised a finger to his lips gesturing for me to keep my quite and then disappeared behind the door again. He came to view again swinging a leather jacket around his shoulders and closing the door behind him. It was only him and his dad, so they didn't need separate rooms. His father, Mr. Crestwood, welcomed such opportunities to bond with his son. Or so. He was totally snoring the minute they got fitted in their room after dinner.

  Ian and I skipped through the whole ways and explored the resort for the first time since we got here. We had arrived late  Then we eventually ended up by the beach at the back of the resort. It was very quite now out here and even merely lit up. I smiled to myself and inhaled deeply, kicking off my flip-flops in a hast. I listened as small tides formed and hit the shallow rocks. I stepped further, digging my feet into the wet sand.

  When I had finally opened my eyes again, I spotted Ian sprawled on the sand gazing at the aqua in almost the same anticipation that I was feeling. I plopped next to him feeling much more comfortable and at ease than an hour ago. I threw my hand up to gaze at the sky, meeting the radiant glow of a lucid full-moon. At the sight of the brisk, almost glimmering moon and the hauntingly dark sky around; my mind inconveniently replayed back my best friend, Jain, obsession with wolfs and I could almost hear a distant howl.  I giggled, slicing off the comfortable silence. Ian looked down at me dubiously.

 "Would it be cool if supernatural ceatures and  their sort of world existed?" I gripped my sanity and asked instead.

 Ian snorted, "I see Jain rubbed off on you alright. They don't exist, Ray,"he told me off in bored tone.

I clicked my tongue, "I know they don't. I was just wondering what it'd be like if they did."

"Creepy," he suggested.

"I guess," I muttered, averting my gaze back to the tempting beach, "Hey, do you want to go in for a  swim?"

 "No thanks. I'm not suicidal—What are you doing?" he caught my elbow half way through my waltz.

 "I'm going in," I said, obviously.

"It's too dark not to mention freezing cold, Ray."

"So?" I retorted, running off and into to the cold water. I heard him mutter incoherently behind my back, but soon I was entirely under the water, swimming in glee for as long as my lungs could take, completely oblivious to the blue egnition erupted from the depth of the water when my form dove in the splashes turning lucid blue and sparkling with the moon.

When my lungs burned beyond my will to suppress the protesting for oxygen, I surfaced and swam back to an infuriated Ian.

"No worries, Ian. If I'm going anywhere far enough, I'm taking you with me. Who knows, maybe I'll need help with padlocks wherever," I cried out to him with a grin. His shoulders sagging when he heard me and whipped his head to spot me.

"Very funny. I'm telling on you if you get sick. So not gonna bare the responsisbilty," he threatened.


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