Capture The Moment

Amber Bennett has known Louis Tomlinson for most of her life. They grew up next to each other and went to school together. Despite him being a few years older, they were always close. He would take her our with his friends and bring her around with him like a little sister, but treated her more like a best friend. They were always inseparable and nothing could ever change that.

They are older now though. One Direction is on a break from touring for a few months and Amber has changed since he was gone. Nothing major and nothing too noticeable, but she did change. Her home life changed and her attitude changed. She was more sensitive with some subject and she had a few new secrets that Louis didn't know about. To be honest, no one knew about those secrets. No one except for Niall.

Niall never told anyone though, being the good friend he was. He knew that Amber would tell everyone when she thought the time was right.

Will Amber ever tell the rest about her parents? Maybe if she gets t


1. Nighttime Runaway

December 3rd, 2012 - Aprrox. 10:57pm

     Salty tears blurred my vision as I ran down the dark, cobble stoned streets. I was alone, and upset. I had to get out of my house. I wasn’t wanted there anyway. I didn’t know where I was going, I just knew I didn’t want to be there. I looked around, searching for a sign to tell me what street I ran to. I didn’t bother to look once I left my house. I rush of relief swept over me as I figured out Harry and Louis’ house was only a few streets away. I began to walk towards the house.

     I stopped, dead in my tracks, as I realized something. Niall and Harry’s mum were staying at their house. I wiped my tears with the sleeve of my jumper. A jumper that wasn’t even mine. It was Louis’. He had let me borrow nearly a week ago.

     I kept walking until I reached his street. That’s when I started to run. I got closer and closer to the house, and Louis was standing out front. Like he was waiting for something. “Louis?” I asked, walking closer to him. He smiled wide and I ran over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He held me close for what seemed like forever. I pulled back and smiled, before realizing how badly I wanted another. I, once again, wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged right after giving him a kiss right on the tip of his nose. I felt like I hadn’t seen him in weeks.

     I looked over and Niall was sitting down, leaning against the side of the house right by the front door. This hug lasted longer. It was more like we were holding each other. We broke up the hug after hearing someone come outside. Not that we were afraid to be seen hugging or something like that, but to be polite.

     It was Anne. Once she saw it was me, a smile grew wide on her face. “Anne,” I smiled as she pulled me into a warm, motherly hug. A hug that I need so badly right now. A hug that I haven’t gotten in a while. She rubbed my back gently, “What’re you doing here, love.”

     "I just needed to see new faces." It wasn’t a complete lie, but it wasn’t the whole truth either.
I heard her chuckle, “Tomorrow’s your birthday, love.” she said as she smoothed my hair down.

     I nodded against her shoulder, “I know.” I whispered, close to tears. She gave me one last squeeze before releasing me. She looked over at me. She already knew what was going on, “You’re staying the night.” She stated, not giving me a choice. “You guys can come in whenever you’re ready. I need my beauty sleep,” She looked over each of us before entering the house.

     I looked over at Niall, who wouldn’t look at me. I never understood what I did to make him hate me. The six of us, the band and I, were such great friends. We still are, but it’s just something between Niall and I. Maybe it was something I said, or something I did. But when I look back on it, nothing makes sense. Maybe he was just upset because he’s the only one who knows, and I made him swear to not tell the other boys. Maybe he felt bad. ”Can I have a hug?” I asked him, watching him turn towards me. He smiled, he actually smiled. Something I hadn’t seen him do in so long, and honestly, I missed it. He stood up, and walked over to me, enveloping me in his arms. I winced slightly but ignored it, wrapping my own arms around him.

     "I missed you," he whispered. I haven’t seen him in at least a month or two because he’s been with his parents. Even though it hurt me, physically, I kept my hold around him.

     "I missed you too." I whispered back.

     Our small moment that we were having was interrupted by Louis. “It’s late. Let’s get some sleep,” he yawned, stretching his arms up. Niall and I released each other and smiled. We walked in the house together, and I say Harry. He was fast asleep on the couch. Niall went to the guest room, and I followed Louis to his room. He glanced over me, and turned to his dresser, pulling out a pair of pajama pants. I smiled thankfully and went to the bathroom and changed my pants.

     Louis was laying there, on the bed staring up at the ceiling. His hands behind his head, and the lower half off his body was covered up by the blanket. I walked over and plopped next to him. He turned his head to face me, “Nice jumper,” he smirked,

     "Thanks," I giggled. He turned and looked back up at the ceiling. I laid on my stomach, propping myself up with my elbows. I watched his blue-grey eyes flicker towards me every few minutes. A smirk appeared on his face, and he finally turned over, facing me. He didn’t say anything, just smiled and blinked every now and then.

     "Thank you," I said quietly. A strange look appeared on his face as I got under the blanket with him, and snuggled in. He watched me for a moment. I guess searching for a reaction of some kind, at which, he got none.

     "You said that already." He stated, poking my nose with the pad of his finger.

     I shook my head against the pillow, “Not for the jumper, silly. For letting me stay here tonight.” That’s all I said. I didn’t mention my father or anything. He nodded and fixed the blanket around us so we’d keep warm. Winter had barely begun, but a snow storm was brewing up in the sky above us. He wrapped his arm around me for both security and warmth, and I fell asleep in his arms. I felt safe in his arms. Nothing could hurt me. Nobody could hurt me.

     Tomorrow was my birthday. My new beginning. I’ll be graduating in the Spring, and that’ll give me more time to spend with mum and I’ll be able to take more pictures. I’ll stay in the house with my dad, who I hope will change. He’ll change for my mum and I. She doesn’t deserve what he’s done, and neither have I. Yet, I don’t leave. I could but I don’t want to. Something is keeping me in the house. I feel if I left, he’d break and do something he’d never do. Although he has already changed and is not the man my mum has married, he is still my father. So I’ll stay.

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