Niall, the 'bad boy' at school, Trinity goes to his school, he was a 'nerd' the last time she saw him. When he is dared to get her to have sex with him and take away her virginity. But will a love connection begin, or will Julie find out about it all? find out in misunderstood. Written by me and Zaynhaspowers AKA onedirection55


1. Chapter 1.

Trinity's POV

"Leave me alone" I squeaked as Niall Horan tugged at my hair. 

"Make me" he laughed evilly

Niall was one of the many people who bullied me he just did it more often than the rest of them.

I don't know what changed inside of him between two year ago when he was just like me to now when he's the school bad ass.

Instead of giving him the satisfaction of answering I kept walking.

Like music to my ears the bell rang signaling the end of school which meant I would finally get away from him.

Written by Zaynhaspowers AKA onedirection55

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