The Fault In Our Stars

A story of cat and mouse. Who will give in first? Will Harry give up chasing a very coy girl? Will Jade let him catch her? Or will she have no choice? Just how dark can this game get? Read to find out. Edit


3. To Be Penetrated

Harry's POV

"Don't go for her, she's just a tease!" Louis warned me
"Well maybe I can change that. Maybe I can make her like me." I argued. 
I had asked to I to the club again in hopes of seeing Jade. God, she was beautiful, and she really knew how to make me smile, but she had this innocence about her that made me think there was more under that taunting exterior.
"Lets go. I want to talk to that girl anyways." Uncle Si said, coming into the room. "I talk to her, then Harry tries to catch her. But let me warn you Styles, she moves fast, so it won't be an easy catch."

3 hours later

Jades POV

I stepped into the club again, tonight was a rap battle night so it was far more upbeat then last time we came. I see Harry staring at me already and roll my eyes. For a player he sure gets attached quick. I walk to the dance floor, not avoiding him, but not giving him the attention he needs either.
I danced for about three songs, just letting loose, before I see Simon Cowell wave me over. The boys have disappeared somewhere so I go.
"Hello sweetheart." he said, not smiling at me. I sit across from him and cross my legs.
"Hi..." I answer awkwardly.
"Look sweetheart," I wish he would stop calling me that! "I know what your doing."
"And what is that?" I ask, leaning forward, pretending I am really into this conversation.
"You are playing your mother's game." he stated. Like it is normal, like he is supposed to know who my mother is and what she did. "I also know that Harry is not winning."
"It takes a strong man to win." I say, stating the fact my mom had taught me. Just like she taught me that to fall for someone was to be penetrated, and that I must in every instance be impenetrable. 
"Or a very good lover." Simon winked. 
"My mother wasn't a slut, and neither am I!" I was getting angry, how dare he say that! "If I can seduce Harry, whose to say he won't get seduced by someone else?"
"I am." Harry loves your voice, your body, and he seems to really like you to. Give him a chance sweetheart. I promise you won't regret it."

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