The Fault In Our Stars

A story of cat and mouse. Who will give in first? Will Harry give up chasing a very coy girl? Will Jade let him catch her? Or will she have no choice? Just how dark can this game get? Read to find out. Edit


4. A Hesitation

I stood and walked out of the club, my heart pounding, my fears catching up with me. How did Mr. Cowell know my mother? What did he know about her? 
I considered giving Harry a chance; but he was gullible. He fell for my game just like every man I had ever met. What made him different?
"Jade?" the voice was low, hesitant, wanting. I turned to Harry.
"That is my name." his laugh was a thrill to me, he was teasing me just by standing there...
"Would you go on a date with me?'' he asked, now I knew why he was so hesitant.
"Oh, Harry... look... I don't know you very well-"
"But isn't that the point? To know each other better?" He asked.
"Harry I don't trust you." I said harshly. "I am sorry I teased you, just forget about it."
"Why are you pushing me away?"
"I'm not. You were never close to me. You were a piece of my game, no more, no less.'' I wouldn't admit to him that he was getting to me, that I was pushing him away so he couldn't hurt me. I wouldn't give him the chance to hurt me, not this time. He looked at me once, a tear on his cheek, then turned and walked away. he walked down the street, not turning back. 
I forced back the sad sigh that was fighting to turn into tears. Walking to my car across the street, I resisted my urge to look back at him and wondered if he felt the same way.

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