Truly, Madly, Deeply

When Niall Horan moves from his home town in Ireland, to a small town in Utah, he meets a girl. A girl named Gem.

"Gem is so sensitive and pure, but yet she's unforgiving, heartbroken, and very insecure. Still I'm quickly falling in love with her."

Gem is going through hard times after her boyfriend died, but she tries to push herself through.

"I felt comfortable with Niall, like he was my teddy bear when it was night and it was dark and I thought monsters were hiding in my closet or under my bed."

Niall wants to love her and have her. He loves her, but he thinks that Gem wants the opposite.

"Gem", I quietly said. Her eyes slowly fluttered open.
"Welcome to England".

What will happen when in a country filled with excitement, fears, and pure and utter love?


3. Chapter 2

~Chapter 2~ --Gem's POV-- When I got home I found just what I suspected a different woman in the house. "Did you guys already do it?", I asked her. She called Ben. "Ben!", She yelled. " What?!", Ben replied. The woman asked "Who is this girl in your house?". "It's my daughter, but you really don't need get to know her", Ben said. "So did you guys do it already?", I repeated. "Ya what it to ya?" the woman said. "Nothing", I said. This woman was older than me. Probably late 20s. She had blonde hair, blue eyes. What most of the woman look like Ben dates. I went to my room and took my duffle bag and filled it with a pair of sweat pants, a bathing suit, a towel, shorts, a tee shirt, some snacks, and some money. I just left the house since Ben doesn't care where I go. He's never cared what I did. Not even when I was little. I got into my car put the keys in then drove to the recreation center. When I got there I signed in then went to the pool. When I got in there I realized that Drae was working as the life guard for now. "Hey Gem, wouldn't imagine seeing you here.", Drae said. "Hey Drae", I said. "My break is in like 5 minutes and today I get a hour and a half break. Boss must of been feeling nice today" Drae said. "Wow that's great Drae", I said. I stepped into the pool and swam. "Life guard help I drowning" I kidded. "I'll save you beautiful citizen", Drae said. He dived into the water and grabbed my feet. I went under for a second, but when we both came up we were laughing. We both leaned towards each other and it ended up as a kiss. We just kissed. I shared my first kiss with my best friend. This is weird. "I can't wait till Saturday", Drae said. "Ya me neither" I said. It was Drae's break now so we swam for a little longer then we got out of the pool and went to the gym. "Hey beat ya at a game of basketball", Drae said. "Oh it's on", I said. After about fifteen minutes of basketball we decided that we were both hungry. "Hey you wanna go out with me for something to eat", Drae asked. I answered "Sure I'd love to. Lets go to Arby's". I said. We took Drae's car to Arby's. We went inside and Drae ordered a mushroom angus burger and a chocolate shake. I got the same. We sat down in a booth next to a window. We didn't really talk that much and when we did it was small talk. "Oh God, we need to get back to the recreation center", Drae said. We drove back to the recreation center. Once we got back to the recreation center I grabbed my bag, said bye to Drae then left. I drove home and when I got there I cooked myself dinner. I ate what I cooked then went to the living room. Ben and the woman were acting all lovey, So I went to my room. I tried to go to sleep, but Ben and the woman went into the bedroom. I started to hear moans so I called Alice. "Hey Alice is it okay if I spent the night at your house tonight", I asked. "Sorry not tonight I have plans", Alice said. I didn't even bother to call Chelsea so I called Drae. "Hey Drae is it okay if I spent the night at your house tonight", I asked. Well that didn't sound weird. "Sure. Why is something wrong", Drae asked. "No nothing. I'll see you in a minute." I said. I got a bag and .grabbed a pair of pajama pants, a tee shirt, my hair brush, my toothbrush and stuffed it in my bag. I left the house and drove to Drae's (even though he lives down the street). When I got there I knocked on the door. Drae answered. "Hey come inside", Drae said. I walked in, "Hey I only need to stay for tonight so...", I started, but Drae said, "Hey you can stay here whenever you need to or what to". "I'll sleep on the couch". I said. "No, you can sleep in my bed tonight", Drae insisted. I went up into his room and he followed me. I knew where everything was in his house. I've visited many times. "I gonna use the bathroom", I said. " K see ya when you come out", Drae said. I walked into the bathroom. Closed the door and locked it. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked at my dark brown hair, my cold blue eye, and my shape. I wanted to look my best. Every other time I went to Drae's house I didn't care what I looked like, but tonight I did. I heard a knock at the door. "Hey who's in there", Danielle asked. Danielle is Drae's younger sister. He has 3 younger sisters, and Danielle is the middle of the 3. "It's just me Danielle", I said. "Who's me?", Danielle asked. "It's Gem, Danielle", I responded. I opened the door and I found Danielle in front of the bathroom door doing the potty dance. I giggled at her. She's so cute. I walked back into Drae's room. When I walked in I found Drae already asleep in his bed. I got changed into my pajama's and grabbed a blanket and a pillow. Then I walked downstairs. When I reached the couch I put the pillow an blanket down. I got under the blanket and went to sleep. I woke up to the sound of Drae's voice. "Hey beautiful", Drae said. I sat up. "I didn't realize that you went downstairs last night, Drae said. "Oh yah, I found you sleeping in your bed so I jut slept on the couch. No biggie", I said. "No it's my fault. I went to sleep. Your the guest, you should of sleep somewhere more comfortable", Drae said. "Drae seriously, I'm fine", I said. I stood up and walked into the kitchen. Drae followed behind me. He's mom was standing before us. "Hey Beth", I said. "Hey. Did you come over last night while I was at work", Beth asked. "Ya, I came over. I spent the night too", I said. Beth doesn't care what Drae does. She's not like Ben, but she understands that Drae is a young man and that he should have some freedom. Dahlia walked into the kitchen. "Get outta here Dahlia you know this kitchen isn't big enough for everyone to be in here", Drae said. He was right his kitchen wasn't big at all. He has a small house. Dahlia left the kitchen. Pit-pat-pit-pat was the sound I heard when her feet hit the floor of the kitchen. "Hey are you hungry", Drae asked me. "Ya kinda", I said. He started to grab stuff from the pantries. I walked into the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I heard Drae and Beth talking to each other. I didn't want to be nosey, but I ignored the voices. When I walked out of the bathroom Drae was still cooking my breakfast. I watched him. And when he was finished I sat down and ate it. The food was delicious. I was starving and the food satisfied my grumbling stomach. I looked up at Drae, who wa sitting in front of me. He looked upset. Why was he upset?
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