Her Heart is a Rodeo

18 year old Amelia Rose Hopkins, is just a normal country girl chasing her dream to be a rodeo star. She is in love with a Team roper named Dallas Hoyt. Her 3 best friends are Jade Shilup , Lacy Hoyt(Dallas' younger sister), and Justin Lowell. Little does Amelia know, Justin has been in love with her for as long as he can remember and Jade and Lacy know. With a Team Roper and a Bull rider competing for her heart, can she choose between the man she loves and her best friend who she might secretly have feelings for, or break both of there hearts and choose neither. This is a country love story where friendships will be tested, relationships ruined, and the choice of one young girl. Can she chose the right one or will she regret her choice for the rest of her life? Her heart is definitely a rodeo worth winning for these two boys...


1. Charaters

Amelia Rose Hopkins(girl in the picture on the side)- Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, quiet/shy at first, lives on her parents ranch, her favorite horses are Gator and Duke, barrel racer, 18

Jade Shilup- Long fiery red hair, Hazel eyes, Loud and outgoing, lives on a farm, favorite horses are Turtle(doesn't move like a turtle though), and Magnolia, barrel racer, 17 turning 18

Lacy Hoyt- black hair, green eyes, talks a lot but is quiet at times, favorite horses are  barrel racer, Dallas' younger sister(only half, different dads same mom),18

Dallas Hoyt- Brown/blonde highlights, chocolate brown eyes, flirt, girls fawn over him, Team Roper, 18, horses are Spur and Hank

Justin Lowell- black hair/combed to the side, blue eyes, gets along with most people, top bull rider in the rodeo circuit, lots of girl flirt because of his rank in the rodeo circuit,18, trains horses for a job, favorite horses are Rocky and Romo

Charlie Lain- Brown hair, blue eyes, shy/quiet sometimes, team ropes,18, works on his uncles ranch, horses are Moonshine and Flash,

Wyatt Vigesta- Blonde hair, brown eyes, loud and very obnoxious sometimes, team roped and bull rides, his parents own the main arena where mostly all the rodeos take place, 18, horses are Avalanche and Philon.


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