Her Heart is a Rodeo

18 year old Amelia Rose Hopkins, is just a normal country girl chasing her dream to be a rodeo star. She is in love with a Team roper named Dallas Hoyt. Her 3 best friends are Jade Shilup , Lacy Hoyt(Dallas' younger sister), and Justin Lowell. Little does Amelia know, Justin has been in love with her for as long as he can remember and Jade and Lacy know. With a Team Roper and a Bull rider competing for her heart, can she choose between the man she loves and her best friend who she might secretly have feelings for, or break both of there hearts and choose neither. This is a country love story where friendships will be tested, relationships ruined, and the choice of one young girl. Can she chose the right one or will she regret her choice for the rest of her life? Her heart is definitely a rodeo worth winning for these two boys...


4. Chapter 3

Jade, Lacy, and I waited for our turns by the fence on the opposite side of the arena as the boys. They were watching us while talking but I don't know what they are talking about.

"So Lacy...now that Wyatt isn't occupied, after your turn you wanna talk to him?"



"Because im not telling him"

"Yes you are, I know im probably being mean here but you need to tell him"

"But he doesn't like me"

"Yes he does. You just don't see it because your the one he has a crush on. How come he always texts, calls, and asks you to hang out"

"Because were friends and he's nice"

"Lacy...Jade thought the same thing but turns out Charlie liked her back and he invited her to the bonfire tonight."

"That's because he likes her, Wyatt is just my friend"

I heard Bob announce 'Amelia Hopkins is up' and I went to the ally way. Duke likes to dance in the ally way so I call him Dancing Duke. Dallas or Justin is usually up here helping me get him through the ally way without him taking off to early. I got to the gate and let him fly. We had a beautiful turns on the first and second barrels. Third I knocked over. I cant believe I did that. I would have had a time of 14.39 but I tipped the barrel over causing me to get disqualified.

I gave Duke a carrot anyway when we got to the trailer because that was my fault not his. I sat down on his back after I unsaddled him. He was nice and relaxed so it caused me to be nice and relaxed. I think I was almost asleep because someone lifted me off Duke and held me in there arms. I opened my eyes to see Justin standing there holding me. I completely forgot about what happened earlier. I was so busy with Lacy and Wyatt that I forgot.

"Can you please tell me what happens tonight? Dallas, Lacy, Jade, Wyatt, or Charlie wont tell me."

"I cant" He said putting me down


"Because Dallas made us swear to secrecy"

"Ugh what do I have to do to get you to tell me?"

"You cant do anything to get me to tell you"

"Well is it good or bad?"

"Bad for some people but good for others"

"What does that mean?"

He kissed me on the cheek then left. Why is he being so strange? I never thought this would happen, him kissing me then acting all mysterious. I really need to ask him why he kissed me.

"Justin come back here please"

He stopped and turned around. He started to walk towards me but now im frozen. Why did I do this? How am I gonna ask him? 'Hey Justin why did you kiss me earlier?' No that's to straight forward.



Great I chickened out. He walked back into the arena and I followed. I decided after im done with my runs and so are Lacy and Jade they are going to find out about Justin and I's kiss. Although Im sorta scared that they will tell. Im telling them. I got on Gator who Jade was holding and took the reins from her.

"When we are done I have to talk to you guys. Alone. Okay?"


They both said 'okay' and Jade was up to run. She was running Turtle. They finished with a time of 14.27. That is an amazing time for this arena. Lacy went next and was running Spaz. They finished with a time of 14.29, another amazing time. Now me. I got Gator in there and he was nice, calm, cool, and relaxed. I kicked him when the gate opened. He knew the pattern so I wasn't the only one steering. He helped me and we had a MEGA-PERFECT run with a time of 14.19. I BEAT ASHLEY!!! I got  back to the trailer still smiling like an idiot. I got Gators tack off right as Dallas came running up so me. He caught me by surprise and lifted me in the air twirling me around(told you he was strong). He set me back down and kissed me. It was slow and gentle, the ones he gives best.

"You beat her!!"

"Yeah!! I cant believe it"

"I can. I knew this horse was going to take you far, that why I bought him for you"(Yeah Dallas bought Gator for me)

I kissed him one last time before looking behind him and seeing Justin. Lacy was with him but Wyatt came and took her away. I knew he liked her. She smiled and hugged him. Hm....I shall ask questions.

"Hey Lacy, Jade lets go talk shall we"

They followed me to the hill behind the outdoor and we sat down. The boys were watching us but I knew they would stay there.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Lacy asked,

"Well...something happened between me and"

"Did you and Dallas do it are you pregnant?!?!" Jade asked shocked and im pretty sure the boys heard because they all looked up.

I mean they were only at the bottom of the hill.

"NO GOSH NO" I yelled so they could hear.

I know Dallas wasn't worried because we have not done that he was just confused but the other boys were both.

"Back to what I was saying, lets just say I kissed someone but it wasn't Dallas"

"WHO?!?!" Lacy whisper yelled.

"Justin, Lacy I am so sorry. I know Dallas is your brother but I didn't intend for it to happen. It just did please don't tell Dallas"

"No I understand, we knew Justin was going to do it sooner or later. Plus Dallas can be and asshole and I understand if your not feeling the same way anymore" Lacy assured me.

"No I still do feel the same way but I don't know what to do about Justin"

"We can figure that out later" Jade said hugging me and Lacy joined.

"Right now the rodeo just ended so we have to get you inside" Lacy said pulling me into the barn.

When we got in everyone yelled "Happy Birthday Amelia" I was in shock. This was the thing that was going to happen. Wait no that doesn't make sense because Dallas was afraid I was going to reject him on something then John said that I love him very much. Im lost.

I was getting hugs, present, and kisses on the cheek. It was all happening way to fast. I did get some wonderful presents though. Its been an hour since the party started. I found Dallas and he pulled me into an area that was empty and everyone circled around. What's going on? Dallas got down on one knee and held out a ring. Thank god it wasn't an engagement ring im not ready for that just yet. It had two horse shoes shaped into a heart with both of our names in carved into it. It was absolutely beautiful.

He started saying" Amelia, I have known you for as long as I can remember. I had a crush on you all the way through elementary and junior high. I finally got the guts to ask you out in the 10th grade on your birthday. You have always been there for me, and I am very thankful for that. I know I can be a straight up asshole sometimes...okay well maybe most of the time and I might ditch you for other girls but I know in my heart that it will always be you. Im going t screw up a lot because im a guy but I really hope you can always forgive me for the stupid mistakes I make. I love you Amelia and I always will, no matter what. Will you accept this promise ring?"

I had my hands over my mouth in shock. I nodded my head yes not trusting my voice. I noticed that the inside or the part that goes around your finger it said 'I love you Amelia -Dallas' I was latterly almost in tears because I was so happy. He slipped it on my finger and stood up. He hugged me tight, then kissed me with all the passion and love he had. We pulled apart and I realize people were video taping, and taking photos.

Dallas' mom came over and gave me a hug and told Dallas "See I told you she wouldn't reject you"

"You thought I would say no?" I asked looking at him,


"Well I didn't"

Even with me and Justin kissing today. Oh crap, speaking of him. I wonder if he left. I looked around and I spotted him talking to Ashley. I have a feeling he is doing that just to get on my nerves.

"Well do you like the ring?"

"Like it? Dallas I love it!!!"

"Good, because that's your birthday present"

"Well I like my birthday present this year, its better then last year"

Dallas was drinking some Dr. Pepper and he kind of choked at the mention of last year. You see, last year he got be a bag of grass hoppers because I am terrified of them. Yes I live on a ranch but am terrified of grasshoppers, makes sense right? Anyway I freaked and threw the bag and it broke open. I spelt in the bunk house with our ranch hands for a week because I wasn't going to sleep in a house full of grass hoppers. Dallas, John, Zack, my dad, Charlie, Wyatt, and Justin all came grass hopper hunting in my house.

"Yeah I guess your right"

"Aren't I always?"

"No but you usually win"

"Yeah because im the boss"


I stopped and crossed my arms.

"What was that?"


"That's what I thought"

 Lacy, Jade, Charlie, and Wyatt came up to us. Justin being to busy with Ashley(Ew).

"Let us see!!!" Lacy squealed.

I took the ring off and let everyone take turns observing. Dallas had his arm around my waist and I was leaning against him. I know I should be the happiest girl in the world right now. Half of me is but the other half cant stop thinking about Justin. I need to tell Dallas. No I cant. Dallas will beat the shit out of him. Ugh I feel so guilty about keeping this secret from him though. I have to tell him. No I don't. Yes I do what am I saying. I cant keep something like this from my boyfriend who just gave me a promise ring.

The Dallas who used to be a player, man whore, or whatever you want to call it I could keep this from no questions asked, but he's changed and I don't think I can keep it from him. He is a way better person now.  Justin, I could always count on to be there, make me happy, and would stick by my side but now he is changing and not for the good. Why does one kiss have to ruin my life? Dallas sis all I could ask for but something inside me says that Justin is the one. How can I think that from one kiss? Its insane, and not possible. My mind is just overwhelmed right now that's all.

"What are you thinking about?" Dallas whispered.


"Your thinking about something I can tell by the look on your face, your deep in thought and it looks like your going to cry"

"Well it was just a bunch of nonsense"

"Can you tell me about this bunch of nonsense?"

"Its classified" Now I was just messing with him.

"Well un-classify it"

I needed to think of an excuse, um... OH!! I got it.

"I want Midnight to have a foal but I was thinking of all the pros and cons and how much it would cost, and I don't have the money."

"Well lets talk to your dad about it and I could help you pay for it"

I turned and faced him.


I really have wanted Midnight to have a foal for awhile I just never said anything.

"Yes really"

I hugged him tightly while saying 'Thank You' over and over and over again. I let go and got my ring back before dragging Dallas over to my dad. We talked about it for a while and my dad finally agreed. I hugged him and we walked to the bonfire which was about a mile away but it was a cool, night and it felt good.

We got there and I stopped dead in my tracks. There Justin was with his arm around Ashley flirting with her. There faces were millimeters apart. They are going to kiss. Justin cant do that to me. Just yesterday he was the perfect best friend any girl could ask for and Dallas was in an asshole mood, now Dallas is what any girl could ask for and Justin is being an asshole. What? She closed the space between them and they started a make out session.

I think I was tearing up because Dallas engulfed me in a hug. How could he do that? He knows I hate Ashley. Just because I got a promise ring from Dallas means he needs to start acting like a dick. No that is not going to fly. I pulled away from Dallas and I marched over to them.

"If your going to make-out at least get a room, because some people don't like watching there best friend make out with ugly sluts"

They broke apart and Justin said "Im sorry Lia, She kissed me I didn't kiss her I swear"

He got up and tried to hug me but I rejected.

"Oh don't you pull that with me, I watched you kiss her back. You could have easily pushed her away but you didn't,"


 "Oh come on Hopkins, I at least should get one of them. You already have Dallas so why cant I have Justin?" Ashley stood up.

"No. Why cant you just leave me and my friends alone?" I yelled.

"Amelia lets go" Dallas said.

"No" I argued

"Yes lets go now"


Well that bonfire was fun don't you think? I heard Justin calling my name for awhile until I heard footsteps behind me and someone grab my arm. It was Justin. Of course its Justin.

"What?" I spat.

"I need to talk to you"

"Not in the mood"

"Please" He begged

"Fine but make it quick"

"Alone" He gestured to Dallas.

Dallas walked off into some trees. He could still see us and I hope he couldn't hear us.

"What do you want?"

"I really am sorry, I was being stupid and I was upset that you accepted the promise ring"

"Well what did you expect me to say, no?"

"I was hoping for it"

"Well stop hoping"


"Because I love Dallas, maybe it would be you but you never had the guts to ask me out like Dallas did."

"Why are you being so harsh?"

"Im not"

"Yeah you are"

"Well maybe I wouldn't be if my best friend wouldn't have made out with Ashley"


"Don't you dare say sorry again mister, im sick of it"


We stood there for a moment before he spoke and he definitely caught me off guard.

"Will you kiss me again?"

"What?" I asked.

"Please, just one more time."

"Dallas is watching us and im pretty sure he can he-"

Again, really Justin again? Well I did kiss back again. I just didn't do anything with my hands to make it seem like I wanted him to kiss me or liked him kissing me, which I sorta did. What?! Amelia no. You cant like kissing him, that's practically cheating on your boyfriend. Well it is actually. He pulled away as Dallas was walking out of the trees very angry. Oh crap...


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