Her Heart is a Rodeo

18 year old Amelia Rose Hopkins, is just a normal country girl chasing her dream to be a rodeo star. She is in love with a Team roper named Dallas Hoyt. Her 3 best friends are Jade Shilup , Lacy Hoyt(Dallas' younger sister), and Justin Lowell. Little does Amelia know, Justin has been in love with her for as long as he can remember and Jade and Lacy know. With a Team Roper and a Bull rider competing for her heart, can she choose between the man she loves and her best friend who she might secretly have feelings for, or break both of there hearts and choose neither. This is a country love story where friendships will be tested, relationships ruined, and the choice of one young girl. Can she chose the right one or will she regret her choice for the rest of her life? Her heart is definitely a rodeo worth winning for these two boys...


3. Chapter 2

We arrived at the rodeo and I was already getting nervous. The event order is: 1. Breakaway 2.Poles(IM entered for that) 3. Bulldogging(I don't watch this because it makes me feel bad for the cows) 4.Team roping 5. Bull riding 6.Barrel Racing 7.Flags 8. goat tying 9.sheep riding (7,8,and 9 are for 12&under only).

We unloaded horses and put there tack on.

"We should warm them up" I said.


We trotted over to the outdoor arena and worked them both directions. It was hot so it didn't take much for them to break a sweat. I was on Gator ponying Duke, and Dallas was on Spur(His 6 year old) ponying Hank(His 10 year old). When we were don we tied them back to the trailer and went inside to get some water. We personally know the owner of the arena and I help her out with concessions some times. We walked in the concessions room and I grabbed 2 bottles of water while Dallas but 2 bucks in the cash register. We said our hellos and she whished us good luck today. Charlie, one of Dallas' best friends, came up to us.

"Hey guys what's up?"

"Nothing" I answered.

Charlie whispered in Dallas' ear and Dallas nodded.

"You nervous?" He asked.

"Yeah tons" Dallas said looking at me.

What the hell?? I would really like to know what everyone keeps talking about.

"Its alright, you'll be fine" Charlie said patting him on the back.

Charlie walked away and I jumped on the subject.

"What were you two talking about?"


"Well if it was nothing then why were you whispering and he asked if you were nervous?"

He bit his lip(one of his nervous habits, I think its hot though) "Im trying a new technique on Spur so see if I can get him to improve"

"And why is that so op secret?"

"I just didn't want anyone to know"

"Okay" I still wasn't buying it though.

I grabbed Duke so I could run poles on him. I was third out, right after Ashley(ew). I finished 2 milliseconds after her. So that puts me in second right now. That's alright, I still have barrels. Im running Duke and Gator in barrels so maybe I can beat her twice. I got back to the trailer and gave Duke a carrot.

"You did good" I heard Justin say behind me.

"Thanks" I said giving him a hug. "I haven't heard you say much all day"

"Im just tired you know, working late trying to get a colt finished for the slut's family before Sunday"

"Why are you training a horse for Ashley's family?"

"I need the money, trust me I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't need money as bad as I do"

"Well why do you want money so bad?"

"Because I want a horse that's for sale up in Montana."

"Where in Montana?"


"How much does the horse cost?"

"1000, I have that u just need trip money"

"Oh, how old is he?"

"Its a she, and she's 2"

"Nice, well lets get back shall we?" I said holding out my hand to him.

"Yeah" He said taking my hand and pulling himself up.

He usually keeps hold of my hand but this time he didn't. There is something wrong with him, I just don't know what yet. I will get it out of him. We found Jade and Lacy with Charlie and Wyatt(Wyatt is Dallas' other best friend along with Justin of course). Those girls have things for those boys I know it. They just wont admit it.

"Hey girl hey" Jade said.


"Where's Dallas?" Lacy asked.

"No idea, you know how he gets when we come to these. I can never find him and when I do he is usually entertaining some girls" I said quietly.

As much as I love Dallas, I hate him sometimes. When we come to rodeos I can never find him. Sometimes I wonder if he just uses me so he can ruin his old reputation as a man whore. Im not sure though, what if he isn't?

"Lets go bring his ass over here" Wyatt said.

"Wyatt, was that a cuss word I just heard come out of your mouth?" I asked in a motherly tone.

"No mommy please don't ground me"

"Your such a dork"

"Yeah, im the dork here"

Wyatt and Charlie were sitting on the fence so they jumped off. Wyatt came a tickled me a little before walking off to find Dallas with Charlie and Justin. I sighed and sat in between Lacy and Jade.

"Whats wrong?" Jade asked.

"I think Dallas is keeping something from me."

"Like what? A secret?" Lacy asked.

"I don't know. I heard him talking with my dad and brothers and then with Charlie and it seemed to be about the same thing. Something is supposed to happen at the rodeo tonight"

They both looked at each other wide eyed and Lacy said "Don't worry everything's okay. He is not keeping anything from you."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked standing up.


She didn't get to finish because the Justin, Wyatt, Charlie, and Dallas all came in shouting and goofing off. Dallas cam and wrapped his arms around my waist and swayed us back and forth.

"Am I gonna get a good luck kiss before the Team Roping starts because Bulldogging just ended?" He whispered sending shivers down my spine.

"I don't know..." I said teasing him. "Do you want one?"

"Of course I want one" He whispered back.

"Hm...maybe" I said breaking away from his grip and sitting next to Wyatt.

"Maybe Wyatt wants one to."

"Well Wyatt cant have one" He said walking up to me and placing his hands on my thighs.

"What do I want that I cant have?" Wyatt asked confused.

"Nothing" Dallas said.

"Dallas wants a good luck kiss from me but I said how do I know Wyatt doesn't want one"

"Oh I see. And if I do want one?"

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Aww thanks Lia" Wyatt said in a girly voice.

"Well now I get one right?" Charlie asked,

"Well come here"

I pecked him on the cheek to, along with Justin. I loved torturing Dallas.

"Amelia Rose Hopkins you better kiss me right now or I will be forced to call a tickle attack." Dallas threatened,

"Oh my you used my full name!! Im going to get in big trouble. Your probably going to lock me in my room for hours" I said fake crying causing everyone to laugh.

"Please" He begged.

"Oh fine you big baby stop whining"

I pretended like I was going to kiss him on the lips but I swiftly kissed him on the cheek and took off at a run(Yes I know you aren't supposed to run around horses). I ran into the announcers stand without him seeing me. I quickly ran up the steps and into the supply closet the have up there. I told Bob the announcer not to tell Dallas I was up here. I shut the closet door and I heard Dallas come up the steps.

"Have you seen Amelia?"


With that he ran back down the steps and I exited the closet.

"Thanks bob" I whispered so no one could hear me on the microphone.

I slowly crept down the stairs and on the last one when I thought I was safe a felt two arms snake around my waist.

"Gotcha" Dallas yelled.

"Oh crap-a-doodle" I said.

"Im not letting you go until you kiss me. I will scratch if I have to."

"Oh fine"

I turned around and kissed him quick so he didn't even have time to kiss back.

"Hey hey hey hey, that wont do"

He pulled me in and kissed me, I did kiss back because its only fair, he did catch me. He had a tight grip on me so I couldn't leave, not like I wanted to but still sometimes he can use a lot of force.

"Alright Dallas and Amelia that's enough. Save it for later please." Bob said through the microphone!!

 Well that's not embarrassing at all, im sure I was bright red. Plus I saw my dad and brothers when I was running from Dallas. We walked back to the others and the were laughing.

"Im guessing he caught you" Lacy said.

"Yeah" I sighed pretending to be stressed about the situation.

"Nope she gave in" Dallas said tickling me.

"No I didn't he's lying!! He only wishes I gave in"

Dallas let go and kissed me on the cheek. I wiped it off and said 'Ew cooties' which caused him to glare at me. I sat down in between Lacy and Jade while we waited for the the boys' turns to rope. Justin was still with us though.

"So lacy...Jade, when do you plan on telling Wyatt and Charlie you like them"

"What?" Lacy said

"We don't" Jade said at the same time but they replied pretty fast.

"Sure" Justin chimed in.

"I will just tell them, even if you don't"

"NO!!" They both screamed which did cause the boys to look at us.

"Your lying you do like them" I said.

"Fine I like Wyatt" Lacy admitted.

"And I like Charlie" Jade added.

"Good Good, now we just need to find Justin a girlfriend"

"No, I don't want one" He said looking down.

"I was joking"

"I know"

What is wrong with him? Usually he would be happy and cheerful. This isn't like him.

"Okay Justin spit it out, whats wrong?"


I got up and grabbed his hand. I saw him nod in a 'yes' way to Lacy and Jade and them shaking there heads franticly in a 'no' direction, but I just shook it off. I pulled him out the door and to the trailer.

"SOMETHING IS WRONG AND YOUR-" He cut me off by kissing me.

What? No. This isn't happening. I cant kiss Justin. He is my best friend. Wait why am I kissing back? Why is he kissing me? Just another thing to add to my list of confusing things that has happened today. Im in love with Dallas. Am I really? Of course I am!! What am I thinking right now. Ugh this is messing with my brain!! I still don't understand why we are kissing. I mean sure I might have a little tiny crush on him but nothing major. I really hope Dallas doesn't figure out. Dallas!! Oh my god he could be coming back to the trailer any second now. I pulled away. I smiled at him. What?!?! No I cant smile that will encourage him.


"I had to do that before tonight."

"Wait, why tonight?"

He walked away before I got an answer. Dallas came into view a few seconds later. Why are my lips still tingling? Oh shoot, my life is over. What am I going to do?

"I saw you walk out of the barn with Justin, then him walking back just now. Why didn't you watch me?"

"Justin was acting like something was wrong"

"There might be"

"What do you mean?"

"You'll find out tonight"

"What happens tonight? Everyone I know keeps talking about it and im clueless!!"

"Come on lets go watch Justin and Wyatt Bull Ride" He said holding a hand put to me.

I grabbed his hand but once I got by his side he dropped it and put his arm around my waist. He pulled me close and like really close and his grip wasn't exactly gentle either. I just shook it off, he is probably just doing it without realizing. He is pretty strong, he can lift me up by my waist and carry me around. Justin was 4th out and Wyatt was 6th out. We walked to Jade, Lacy, and Charlie.

"So Jade..." She was sitting awfully close to Charlie.


"Did you?"

"No, and you can shutup now" She gave me a warning look.

"Do it or I will do it for you. 3....2...-"

"OKAY!!! OKAY!!! OKAY!!! Charlie I like you...please don't ignore me now that you know"  She said with her head down.

She got up and walked to Lacy but Charlie caught her and pulled her in for a hug.

"I could never ignore you" He said sweetly.

"See I told you. You should have told him sooner."

"Shut up Lia" Jade said.

They pulled apart and he asked. "Jade Lillie Shilup, would you like to go to the bonfire tonight with me?"

"Yes" She was as red as a tomato.

"Is that what is tonight, the bonfire?" I asked Dallas.

"Well yes but there is something before that"

"Dang it I thought I got it"

He laughed and messed up my hair.

"Pooface" I said.

Justins name was called so im guessing he was up. He was riding Midnight, he is a big pure black bull you scares the crap out of me. We have a horse named Midnight but she is super sweet. I was holding Dallas' hand because I was so scared for Justin.

"Ouch babe that hurts"


I was still concentrated on Justin. I loosened my grip right as Justin was let out of the shoot. I tightened it again. I was jumping up and down a bit and mumbling 'come one Justin' over and over. YES!! He made it to 8 seconds. He jumped off and Midnight was chasing him. He jumped up on the gate just as he rammed it with his horns. Holy crap that was close. I let go of Dallas' hand and calmed down a bit. Wyatt was up next after Michael Lynch. When Wyatt went I didn't grab Dallas' hand and act like I did with Justin. It just because I care about Justin more. Wyatt did make 8 seconds also. Justin and Wyatt are walking towards us. Oh man I can already feel the tension between me and Justin. Why did he have to kiss me?



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