Her Heart is a Rodeo

18 year old Amelia Rose Hopkins, is just a normal country girl chasing her dream to be a rodeo star. She is in love with a Team roper named Dallas Hoyt. Her 3 best friends are Jade Shilup , Lacy Hoyt(Dallas' younger sister), and Justin Lowell. Little does Amelia know, Justin has been in love with her for as long as he can remember and Jade and Lacy know. With a Team Roper and a Bull rider competing for her heart, can she choose between the man she loves and her best friend who she might secretly have feelings for, or break both of there hearts and choose neither. This is a country love story where friendships will be tested, relationships ruined, and the choice of one young girl. Can she chose the right one or will she regret her choice for the rest of her life? Her heart is definitely a rodeo worth winning for these two boys...


2. Chapter 1

My alarm sounded at exactly 7:00am just as it did every morning. I cant believe im done with high school after today. Oh yeah by the way im Amelia or Lia as most of my friends call me. Im 18, 5'7" and I live on the outskirts of Cody, Wyoming but do a lot of our rodeos in Wyoming and Montana.

I slipped my boots on and went out to feed the animals. That was my morning chore. My dad does most of the work while we are at school. My younger brother John is to gather the eggs, and muck out the stalls. My older brother Zach helps my dad with whatever he can because he just graduated and needs to earn some money so he can go to Nashville and become a big country star.

My mom died when I was 8 so that means im the only girl in the house. Horrible I know, living with 3 boys. Pure torture I tell you. I grabbed 2 squares of hay and threw it into everyone's stalls, and grained the ones who needed it and went to feed the chickens, sheep, and cows. John was waiting outside the chicken coop for me. I feed while he gathers eggs, it distracts the hens and Egbert our rooster. I fed the, chickens in a different part of the coop while he gathered the eggs. John took the eggs in the house and I went to feed the cows.

I took the side-by-side with hay in the back and threw it out in different spots in there pasture but since they always have grass I put less then normal because its pretty much summer. I parked the side-by-side in the garage and went to go get ready for school. I turned on my radio and White Liar by Miranda Lambert was on. I straightened my hair and applied some basic makeup. I don't wear much but only a little. I grabbed my yoga pants and a pink T-shirt that said 3 barrels 2 hearts 1 passion. I did one last mirror check to make sure I looked okay. I turned my radio off and heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!!" I yelled.

The door opened and Dallas walked in.

"Hey babe"

"Hey" I said smiling.

"Are you ready?"

"Yupp just let me grab my phone"


Dallas usually gives me a ride to school because I honestly don't like driving. I got in a wreck 1 time and that was enough for me. I know it sounds childish and stupid but it scared me. BIG TIME!! I only drive if I need to or I cant get a ride from someone else. We said goodbye to my dad and brothers and headed to his truck. I texted Jade, Lacy and Justin telling them Dallas and I are on our way. They always get to school before us. Even though Lacy is Dallas' sister she beats us. They all ride together and Dallas and I are the loners. I turned the radio back on and Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch was on. I love this song. I caught myself and Dallas singing along, so I stopped and made sure he wasn't paying attention when I pressed the mute button and he kept singing.

"Got you!!" I laughed.

"I'll get you back, you just wait."

"Sure" I said sarcastically.

"Oh happy birthday by the way"

"Oh shit i completely forgot"

"How do you forget your Birthday?"

"I guess i was so caught up in training Gator for the  rodeo tonight, because its his first one. That I forgot."

"Well its alright, at least I didn't forget. I didn't because im the bestest boyfriend ever."

"Sure you are" I said playing around.

We pulled into the parking lot of the school and hopped out of the truck. Jade, Justin, and Lacy were waiting for us in the usual spot. I cant believe this is my last day of high school.

"Hey guys" I said walking up to them.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" They all yelled and engulfed me In a hug.

"Thanks guys"

"Amelia forgot her birthday" Dallas said.

"How can you forget your birthday?" Jade asked.

"I don't know, caught up in Gator I guess"

"Well even if no body told you it was your birthday you would find out eventually, because we have surprises everywhere" Lacy said.

"Oh gosh, really you guys?'

"Yupp, don't you love us?" Dallas asked.

"Sure I do"

"Oh you know you do" Jade said.

"Whatever floats you boats"

I wonder why Justin hasn't said anything. I just shook it off because he is probably just tired and wants to get the day over with. Dallas grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. The moment we entered the school he already had Ashley on his arm. She is a rich brunette girl who gets whatever she wants. Dallas shook her off but she still followed in step. They dated the whole freshman year.

Dallas asked me out on the last day of school of our sophomore year, which fell on my birthday. So we have been dating for 2 years. Yes our anniversary falls on my birthday this year. Our anniversary is actually on the 20th of May and that's what day it is today. My birthday isn't always the last day of school but it is always close to it.

Dallas still has my hand and Ashley is still trying to get his attention but he ignores her. That always makes me feel good because I know he is loyal to me if he ignores her. We cleaned out our lockers yesterday and weren't aloud to bring a bag to school today. Our school has a tradition that every year the seniors sign a big wall in the hallway. That's our job today, is to sign the wall.

We get out at 12:00 today. We have a big end of the year assembly, then sign yearbooks, eat lunch, and go home. We head to the gym and sat down in the bleachers. It lasted for 2 hours and it drug on forever. They brought all the seniors down and we shook the principles hand and blah blah blah. It was like graduation but less dramatic.

We didn't really have anyone sign our year books except our class mates that we liked. Ashley asked Dallas to sign hers but he rejected. She ran off pouting. She hates my guts and im sure im going to get the prep squad after me tonight at the rodeo. Ashley usually wins the barrel racing but Jade, Lacy, and I always come in the top 5 with her. Her friends never beat us. Hopefully gator can beat her tonight because in really counting on him. Duke is great and all and I love him but he's 16 and reaching the end of his career as a barrel horse.

"Hello? Lia? Are you listening?" Dallas asked.

"What? Sorry I was off in my on world."

"We could tell, anyway so you are entering Gator tonight?"

"Yeah, im pretty sure he is ready. Even though he is only 4 im pretty sure he will do good, and if he doesn't that's fine"

"Hopefully he kicks Ashley's ass"

"DALLAS!! Keep you language under control will you?!?!"

"Sorry it sorta just slipped out. You know I hate her with the passion of a thousand burning suns."

"Well you know I hate cussing"

"Sorry" He said flinging his arm around me and kissing my head.

He can be super sweet sometimes, but other times he can be an asshole. Yes I just cussed, but it was in my mind not out loud. I don't know why I don't like it, its just not my thing I guess.

"Its alright, so are you entering the team roping?"

"Yeah, I have a few teams put together."

"What about you Justin? Are you bull riding tonight?"

"Yeah" That is the only word he has said all day.

We finished our lunch and it came to 12:00 and we drove home to get ready for the rodeo tonight. Dallas pulled into my driveway and we hopped out of the truck. He followed me into the house and into my bedroom. I went into my closet and pulled out a bunch of my good western shirts I use for shows, rodeos, etc..

"Which one?" I asked.

"Um...this one" He said pointing to one of my favorites.

Its black with blue and green plaid on it. Plus it has diamonds and stuff on the shoulders. Now for jeans. I grabbed 4 pairs of jeans that were comfy, they weren't my best but I didn't feel like getting dolled up tonight. I drug them out of the closet and placed them on the floor. Dallas came and turned them over to see what the back pockets look like.

"Really Dallas? Really"

"What? I at least have to make sure your gonna look good in them." He said trying to sound innocent.

"No, you just want to make sure my butt looks good in them" I said crossing my arms forcing myself not to smile.

"Is that a bad thing?" He asked moving closer.

"I don't know is it?"

He wrapped his arms around my waist. I thought he was gonna kiss me but he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

"Dallas put mw down now!!!" I yelled laughing.

He kept walking until he was outside and was holding me over the horses water trough.

"Don't you dare. If I go your coming to"

"Well it is sorta hot today, I guess I could get a little wet"

"No Dallas!! I will have to take a shower and re-straighten my hair." I whined.

"Can I pick your jeans?"


He lowered me down so the bottom of my boots were touching the water. He grabbed my hair though so it wouldn't get wet.

"Okay!!! Okay!! Okay!! You can pick my jeans!!" I gave in.


That's when he pulled me back up and kissed me. I knew that was coming sooner or later. We haven't kissed all day long so he was bound to kiss me sooner or later. I mean its not like I don't want him to, because he is a pretty good kisser. He put me down and we turned around to see my dad and brothers standing there.

I heard Zach chanting "Lia and Dallas sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage."

"Oh shut up!!" I yelled.

We walked up to the house and I knocked Zach's hat off his head.

"Now that wasn't very nice" He said pretending to be hurt.

We got into my room and Dallas went into my closet to get some jeans.

"How about these ones?" He asked.

I was laying on my bed so I sat up and he was holding up a dark pair with white stitching. It had horses shoes on the back pockets and it was filled with sparkles and outlined with diamonds.

I laid back down heavily and sighed.


"There fine"

"Im not gonna make you wear something you don't want to" He said laying next to me.

"No its okay, those are my favorites actually."

"Mine to" He said with a grin on his face.

"Dallas!!" I said punching him in the arm.

I put on my pants and threw my shirt in my bag. I re-applied some make up with Dallas being annoying and taking some of it away from me. Luckily I always have extras. I put my eyeliner in my bags side pocket because mine has a tendency of coming off. I left Dallas in my room as I walked into the living room so I could exit the house but my dad and brothers were in there.

"So are you two done having fun in there?" Zach asked.

I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

"Ew, dad do you hear him right now?"

"There is nothing I can do about it. You know he will just keep doing it" He said calmly.

"Ugh. DALLAS!!"

"Oh she's calling the boyfriend, we all better run for our lives"

"What? What's wrong?" He said coming barreling down the stairs.

"Nothing, Zach's just being a jerk. Come one lets go catch horses." I said slamming the screen door on my way out.

I heard them talking so I stayed right outside the door.

"Great thanks for pissing her off Zach"

"No problem man" They were obviously goofing off but I still wanted to listen.

"So are you gonna do it at the rodeo tonight?" My dad asked.

"Yeah, Im super nervous about it"

"Aw man don't worry about it. You'll be fine" Zach chimed in again.

"Im just afraid she wont go through with it."

"She will, She really loves you Dallas" John said.

What the hell? What are the talking about? Even John knows so its obviously pretty serious. He is probably just going to give me a necklace or something.

"Thanks little man. Well I better not keep her waiting to long" Dallas said.

I ran off the porch and to the barn. I made it in just as I heard the front door open. That was close. Now im suspicious on what they were talking about. Well I guess I will find out tonight.

"Have you got anyone caught yet?" He said coming into view.

"Nope waiting on you"

"You don't need my help to catch a horse or two"

"Well maybe I wanted it" I said tossing him Duke's halter.

We walked out to the pasture because my dad always lets the horses out in the afternoon so they don't have to me cooped up in stalls all day. Even thought there stalls have runs on them. I whistled and all the horses came trotting over. We have 13 all together.

I walked up to gator and put his halter in him. Dallas did the same to Duke. When I first bought Gator he was little and the name Little Gator first came to mind. Then I didn't even know he liked to chew everything and bite. Later I found out he loved using his teeth. He has chewed through 6 lead ropes, 2 halters, put holes in blankets, and ruined 4 pairs of reins.

I put him in the trailer that was hooked up to Dallas truck. Dallas loaded Duke after and we threw there tack in the tack room. My dad and brother will be out later so we took off the rodeo. I was really excited but also really nervous. What was Dallas talking about?

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