Love at first sight

GRAPHICS: (but not until later on)

About a girl named Aria who was 17 who dreams about talking to harry . And she once went to their meet & greet and it finally came true. After one nightt of suduction with harry


5. My "date" ♡** sexual content.

I woke up and i checked the time it was 4:00 i always sleep in. i didnt have any school it was summer time !

Thank god !

I got up and showered and put on my makeup. I decided to go a little bit more heavy today. I really wanted to impress Harry. I put on red lipstick and put on some neutral eyeshadow and just put on all the rest.

I looked in my closet and i found a really pretty top. That was very right but laced all from the back. I liked it and i just put on a pair of skinny jeans. And some black toms. I decided to curl my hair and add a black with white polka dot bow to the back i figured i looked good.

It was 6:25. He should be here any minute. I went downstairs and i said bye to my mom and she said try to be back before midnight !

I nodded i walked outside and he was turning the corner i could tell it was him by his curly hair.

He stopped in front of my house an he got out of the car and he said hey. You look gorgeous.

I said thanks and i complimented him back :)

He opened the door for me and his car had that new car smell. And he got in.

I asked so where we going ?

He said this restaurant like 5 minutes away from here.


We got there and they sat us at a 2 people booth and we started looking at the menu. He asked so u ready to order and we ordered right away.

Our food arrived pretty quick.

We would talk about eachother and out family.

He asked me about my self.


We asked for the bill and it was 8:00 i realized i had a lot of time left b4 12:00

He paid and we walked out.

We got in his car and he said so what time do you have to be home. I said at 12;00

He said so you want to pass by my place and maybe watch a movie or something ?

I said sure


When we got to his own apartment (how cool )

It was very open and cleanup up well.

I said nice place. He said thanks you

He told me i can go ahead and sit on the couch while he went to get some popcorn.

He came back and he sat on the other side of the couch. And he said i can pick a movie. I picked the breakfast club

He said that was his favorite movie. It was mines too

I realized we had a lot in common.

He got closer and closer through the moviee.

He asked me that we should catch up again. And i agreed. He then put his hand around me. Igot the chills in a good way !

He then called my name and i turned my head to him and our lips met.i felt as if my heart was going to come out. But i backed up and said sorry. He said no its fine.

And he leaned again to my lips. His soft lips touch mines and i went with the kiss. We were making out for a while. He frenched kissed me and he murmured youre an awesome kisser.

I said not as much as youu. We stopped and we leaned away. Catching our breath. He said would you go out with me and i said I'll think about it

When the movie finished he said so you want a tour of my aprtment ?i said sure.

And he took me to the kitchen and it was huge and to the back and he said there 3 rooms but he said he loved alone. And one was his workout room and one was an empty room and his was the farthest cause it was the master bedroom.

We walked in his room and i complimented the big bed and space that he had.

And i said that it was big for sum1 who lives alone.

He said yeah i know.

He sat down on his bed. We made eye contact he patted the side next to him. I was kind of freaking out but i sat down.

He put his hand on my shoulder. And i turned to look at him. He leaned and he we kissed again. He then reached for the bottom on my shirt. He unlaced it having trouble and he managed to take my shirt off.

He smiled at my also laced Victoria's Secret bra. I was kind of afraid and nervous

I realized it was my turn to take a piece of clothing of off


I took off his shirt and i saw his sixpack. I was turned on.

I smiled

He then kicked off his shoes and i did too.

He took off my jeans and laughed at my matching underwear. And he took off his jeans.

I got under the covers. And he came too.

He unclasped my bra and threw it over the bed. I covered my self.

He said dont worry.

He took of his boxers i gazed at his thingg.

I took of my underwear and we looked at eachothers naked body. He got out of bed and he ttook out a condom from the drawer.

I smiled and he said you ready. He put it on and he told me to arch my back. And he said have you ver done this before i said once with a jerk. He laughed. He spread my legs wide and he got in position and he pushed in.

I bite my lip. Trying not to make a sound.

He pushed in and out and i realized i was moaning very loudly.

And damn it felt good. Best ever

He stopped and he threw the condom down and he started eating me out. I was moaning even louder.

He the lay next to me smiling and he kissed me and i said its my turn.

I got up and i grabbed his cockk and i leaned and started sucking it. He moaned loud i even sucked his balls. He looked surprised but he enjoyed it. I got back off and he said damn ur good. And he started kissing me hard and he touched me down my waist and e gabbed my. Love handles. And he squeezed my ass and he reached up around my boobs and he started sucking on then hard and he backed off. I Locked up at the time. I said i have to go home. We changed and he took me home. It was 11:56 i was almost time.

We kissed i said thanks and he said anytime. And so have you though bout my question. I said what do you think of course I'll go out with you. He said okay call me. I walked out got home sai hey to my mom and lay in bed smiling thinking about my awesome night. With Harry styles

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