Love at first sight

GRAPHICS: (but not until later on)

About a girl named Aria who was 17 who dreams about talking to harry . And she once went to their meet & greet and it finally came true. After one nightt of suduction with harry


1. How it started

It was a saturday. I was at dinner with Harry. I looked into his green eyes and he told me he loved me.

I woke up. Then i realized it was all a dream

. I was very bummed because thats all i always asked for.

I unplugged my phone from the charger on my night stand and i looked at the time. It was already 11:34 and i quickly jumped off of bed.

I grabbed my towel and went straight to the bathroom. I took a very quick shower and then threw on some clothes.

I cleaned my face and the extra mascara on my lids and put on some clean new makeup.

I ran downstairs and grabbed some cereal and milk and sat down at the counter.

I called my mom and asked where she was at. And she said she had to leave early to go to fix something at work. I was happy cause i liked being home alone.

I checked my phone and i saw that one direction tweeted that they are going to have a meet and greet next saturday at 3:00 at the mall for free.

I literally screamed out loud. Lol. So i texted my bestfriend Isabel and i told her about the meet and greet. We decided to go. But i still had to ask my mom.


My mom got home around 2:30 while i was watching MTV. I immediately stood up and i said hey mom ! And she said hey honey.

I followed my mom to the kitchen and i sat down and i told her. At first she sighed i dont know honey

But then i kept beggin and begging and she finally said ok. So it was for sure that i was going. I couldnt believe k finally was going to meet them ! And Harry. Espiecially him.!


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