Love at first sight

GRAPHICS: (but not until later on)

About a girl named Aria who was 17 who dreams about talking to harry . And she once went to their meet & greet and it finally came true. After one nightt of suduction with harry


2. Finally

AUTHORS NOTE: ( aboutt a week has passed ) & ( dont forget to tell me how is this book so far)

It was finally saturday ! After like so long! But the meet & greet wasn't till' later on so i got up and i got ready

I showered and i was going through my clothes. I really wanted to look good. Maybe i will make an impression. I found this high waisted black skirt that i decided to wear with a pastel pink top. I felt pretty

I did my makeup and after that i texted my bestie to see if she was ready because it was starting in 2 hours but i wanted to go early.

She texted back saying she was all ready. So we met up over there! In the car i was so excited i just wanted to scream so loud. I was finally going to meet my idols.

As soon as we got there i said bye to my mom and told her isabel was giving me a ride home.

I saw isabel at the entrance at the mall as soon as i got down. I ran screaming with excitement. As we entered we saw a gigantic line already.

I was so happy though because i was there finally.

So we got in line and we saw one direction arrive but they entered the other way of where we were so we were not able to really see them

But time passed and we noticed alot of people leaving and cutting and the security got annoyed so most people were kicked out

Then we were like 2nd to last group of girls and then finally it was our turn. I got butterflies in my stomach just walking to them and then we took out paper and pen and i let all members sign it and then we took pictures with eachother

But i sorrily bumped into the pile of papers near harry and i went down to help pick it up and he went down to pick it up.

An we made eye contact. I saw through his deep blue green eyes. I was turned on with his cute dimples i was speechless.

When we made eye contact for which i felt it was long he leaned in my pecked my lips and he grabbed his pen and wrote his number on a piece of paper and we got up and i said sorry and thank you and he said no problem.

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