Love at first sight

GRAPHICS: (but not until later on)

About a girl named Aria who was 17 who dreams about talking to harry . And she once went to their meet & greet and it finally came true. After one nightt of suduction with harry


4. Best Phone Call Ever !

(Btw: im so sry i repeated the last chapter on accident. But just skip it and keep reading. Please tell me if i should keep writing or not ?! :) thanks )

It was monday morning and i was still thinking about Harry's number. I was scared to call him though because what of he forgot about the number or something.

But i realized that this is like awesome. ! I couldn't even believe it !

I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. My hands were shaking and i was nervous.

He answered on the 3 rd ring and he said hello in his beautiful accent. I said "hey this Aria. Remember me from your meet & greet. You gave me your Number. "

He laughed and he said "oh yeah you were that beautiful brunette "

I felt my cheeks burn up. I smiled i said "thank you and you were that handsome curly haired guy"

We both laughed. He said " so we should catch up some time. I'll pick you up and we can go get some dinner i really want to get to know you. " i said " oh that be awesome. Ill text you my address "

He said "alright be ready at 6:30 pm tmrw. " "see you then bye "

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