Healing a shattered heart

Renne Junillia was bullied, cyber bullied, beatin, threatened, and much more all her life. She had nobody, her parents hated her and abused her, they told her she was an accident. But then one day she meets a boy (Niall) who will change her life for the better or for the worse? Read this (Niall fan-fiction) today!


2. Unidentified

Renee POV

           After Niall did that he grabbed me hand and we ran away form the scene. we ran into the woods and when we got farther in we stopped to catch are breath. he looks at me and asks, "are you alright?" i nod my head slowly and respond, "yes." he then says, "thank you for what you did back there, sticking up for me and Devin." i then say, "oh its nothing really......that boy shouldn't have been doing what he was." he nods his head and says, "yeah i agree, oh and what's your name?" i look at him and say, "sorry i don't give out public information." he looks at me unsure and asks, "well you must got to my school, don't you? if you go to my school then i want to talk and get to know you more."  i look at him with a serious face and say, "sorry but i don't go to your school, i don't even go to any school. I'm not aloud." he was confused and asks, "so your home schooled?" i look at the ground and say, "something like that." he nods his head and says, " if you don't want to tell me that's ok. I have no idea where we are in the woods, so lets try to find are way out." i start to get panicked, if Darla and Dakota find I'm not home, they will give me the worst beating of my life! We start walking and my hands become very shaky. I don't want to get beatin just for helping people! i think Niall notices me worrying cause he stops and stands right in front of me and grabs both of my hands. he then asks, "it may not be my business but what's wrong?" i look into his eyes and say, "Niall listen i have to get home, fast, or....or." he tightens his grip on my hands and asks, "or what?" a tear runs down my face and i say, "or ill get beatin, Niall please i have to get home." his face expression becomes serious and his voice rises as he says, "I'm not giving you back to somebody that beats you!" my voice become shaky and i say, "Niall please, they'll find me and when they do, instead of beating me, they could kill me." he then holds my hands tighter and whispers, "then i'll just have to make sure they don't find you."  he then lets go only one of my hands and starts waling with my other hand still in his, why? Niall is a caring person i can see, but what if he cant hide me. even if i do live with him or something, ill just be hiding in fear again of my family, trying to hide from them. i cant live my whole life hiding in fear, can i?

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