Healing a shattered heart

Renne Junillia was bullied, cyber bullied, beatin, threatened, and much more all her life. She had nobody, her parents hated her and abused her, they told her she was an accident. But then one day she meets a boy (Niall) who will change her life for the better or for the worse? Read this (Niall fan-fiction) today!


3. The sight

Renne POV

      We finally found are way out of the woods and we started running on the streets. unfortiantly, Nialls house has only one way to get to it, and that also means we have to run past Darla and Dakota's house. I finally see ahead their house and now Niall says, "when we start to run past your house run faster!" we finally get to that point but i take a quick glance at the house and i see Darla and Dakota screaming with anger and frustration, breaking things, slamming doors. This sight made me stop and stare with tears filled in my eyes. why did i have to be the person with the awful parents. Niall grabs my head and turns me around to look at him. he then says, "everything is going to be alright, i promise, no more abuse, no more heartache, i swear it. Now lets go before they see you." we ran away from the house and finally we came to a stop. is this Nialls house. its huge, the biggest house i could ever imagine! Then Niall says, "i live alone, so now that your here i wont be so lonely! I have a guest bedroom but now it completely belongs to you! you'll be safe here." i look up at him and smile with belief of what he said with me being safe here. i then say, "well if i am going to live here with you, then i should tell you my name." he smiles and then says, "ok." i then answer, "its Renne junillia, oh and not that it matters but my middle name is nicole." he smiles and says, "wow." i tilt my head and ask, "what?" he then says, "Renne is a beautiful name." my face starts to get red and then he says, "sorry i didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, let me show you inside and give you a tour." i nod my head and he unlocks his door and we both step inside. wow his living room is huge! he gives me a tour of the house and leaves my room for last. we step into my new room and holy cow! its huge, with a king size bed, a walk in closet, and a bathroom connected to it! i think he saw my eyes get wide cause he laughs a little. i then realize it has a walk out patio, i've always wanted something like that in my room. to get fresh air when i'm stressed out! i walk out onto the patio and lean up againts the railing. the wind brushes through my hair and slides across my face, i feel so free with the wind gently running through my face. Niall comes over and stands next to me and says, "i promise that you'll be safe and happy here........with me."

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