The Fighter

"Breaking news here today in the city streets of London. A 19 year old boxer is severely injured during his championship match. Stay tuned for more info on the story. Will this young athlete get out of the hospital and into the ring again? Or is The Fighters career over?"


2. Chapter Two.

We walked to Jaydens car and I was about to get in when Harry grasped my arm. "I'll take you home." he said and my heart started to beat quicker.


"But, J-Jayden's tak-


"No. I'm taking you home and that's the end of it."


"Harry, please. Not with her-


"Jay fucking shut you're mouth will you!" he yelled at Jayden as his grip on my arm got tighter. I hissed at the pain and  Harry's head snapped to me. I just looked down and he let go of my wrist. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to"


I looked up to him and he was looking at he softly. His features softened his eyes shinning from the light of the moon. "It's fine" I whispered as I noticed our faces getting closer. My heart was beating quicker and also my breathing.


"Hey!! If you're going to take her home, get off my car so I can go." Jayden said thankfully interrupting that moment. Mum wouldn't like me kissing a boy in the streets like this. She wouldn't approve of Harry either. She wouldn't like The Fighter look and from how he yelled at Jay before he has a short temper. All in all I find him interesting. I would love to know more about him and I hope he wasn't just going to use me like he didn't care.


"Lets go." he said and grabbed my hand and started walking. Why is he holding my hand? What on Earth is happening?




"This isn't my home" I said observing where he had stopped the car.


"You're right. It's not your home. It's mine." he said getting out of the car and opening my door.


"Thank you" I said quietly as I followed him inside his home.










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