The Fighter

"Breaking news here today in the city streets of London. A 19 year old boxer is severely injured during his championship match. Stay tuned for more info on the story. Will this young athlete get out of the hospital and into the ring again? Or is The Fighters career over?"


1. Chapter One

"Jayden, I don't think this is a good idea." I said to my best friend as she tried to drag me into this old boxers ring. "My mum wouldn't approve-


"Your mum doesn't approve of anything now lets go! We're gonna miss it and I don't want to have to explain to Harry!" She grabbed my wrist once again and pulled me inside. Who was Harry, anyways?


She took us into the ring which was loud and smelt of body odor and sweat and had us sit in our seats next to Jayden's boyfriend Will. We made it just in time as the bell had just rung. There was a boy with curly hair and tattoos covered his arms and stomach. He had on black gym shorts and I saw the blue mouth guard through his slightly parted lips. I winced as he got hit by the other man.


This other man was completely terrifying. His black hair was long and pulled into a ponytail. He was tall but he was very well built as well. He was much lager than the other boy and he was so far winning.


I winced as the boy received hits to the stomach and jaw. My hands flying up to my mouth as he falls but soon gets up. I could have sworn we made eye contact for a split second but yet again there's over a thousand people in this arena. He throws punches at the guys face and soon people are so loud I have to place my fingers on my ears. People get up and start running to the ring and I shut my eyes tight as people bang into me. What on earth is happening? Everything happened so quick I just didn't have the time to process it all. I couldn't find Jayden as I search the large arena for her.


I look at the stage and notice the boy being congratulated? Did he win? I couldn't tell between the people running through me and the ringing in my ears. I see Jayden talking to the boy in the ring. Does she know him? As I made eye contact I think for the second time, with the boy I got chills down my spine and instantly looked away. He said something to Jayden and pointed to me. I felt the color drain from my face. They were talking about me. He noticed me. Oh, no, this cant be good. Jayden motioned me to walk over to them and my heart hesitated to beat. Slowly I started to walk to the ring, I walked up to it and went under bottom rope and into the ring. "Y-yes?" I stuttered as I felt this boys eyes on me.


"You two have met each other before right? He keeps on saying you haven't but I swear you did." she explained looking at the two of us back and fourth and it is not even describable how nervous I am. Why am I nervous? 


"I think I would remember a face like yours, love. It would be hard to forget." he said and flashed me a cheeky smile. Why did he say that? Was he implying I was ugly? It wouldn't be the first time. I know I am and I try not to let it bother me but it seems that I cant help it. I shyly smiled back and looked at the ground.


"I don't believe we have either." I said quietly. I would defiantly remember this man in front of me. He's even more flawless up close then he was a few rows from the ring, where my seat was.


"Well, can I know you're name?" he said I just stood there for two seconds as I let that sink in.


"Bethannii... or Anny," I said and a smirk appeared on his face. He probably thinks my name is ugly too. Just like me.


"Bethannii. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." he said and my lips partly slightly. He just called me beautiful? Why? Why would he even think I was beautiful? I'm just ugly on the skin and he obviously the opposite.  "I'm Harry, by the way." I just looked at him. Into his eyes as he looked in mine. It was quite uncomfortable, honestly.


"Should we get going now? Its getting late and people are starting to leave." Jayden said thankfully ending that awkward moment. that Harry and I had. Now don't get me wrong, Harry is a very attractive man but he shouldn't be telling me I'm beautiful like that. Not when he's lying, anyways. And then he stares at me? No thank you.


"We shall" Harry said walking uncomfortably close to me as we walked to Jayden's car. I tried to step away from Harry slightly but his arm flew around my waist holding me there.


Why is he acting like this towards me?



(A/N: Bethannii is pronounced Bethany and Anny is pronounced Annie. FYI. ;)



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